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Oracle home switch and SBP -1


SAP bundle patches are done every six months once. We have five production systems. To get a downtime for each system and the applying of SBP takes three hour per system. In the below approach i am dong all five systems in three hours time by installing a new oracle home and SBP on that and switching it during the downtime.Our system are running in 11g RAC with ASM.

Pre-requisties are below:

1. Create a new acfs file system using asmca


2. Install the binaries there in the above path

3.Once the Oracle Home is installed apply the SBP patch

3.1- SBP steps:

setenv IHRDBMS /oracle/SID/112_03

setenv OHRDBMS /oracle/SID/112_03

unzip -qd $IHRDBMS/sapbundle SGR11203P_1408-20010084.ZIP ‘SBP_1120311_201408/OPatch/*’

mv $IHRDBMS/OPatch $IHRDBMS/OPatch-pre-SBP_1120311_201408

mv $IHRDBMS/sapbundle/SBP_1120311_201408/OPatch $IHRDBMS/OPatch

unzip -qd $IHRDBMS/sapbundle SGR11203P_1408-20010084.ZIP ‘SBP_1120311_201408/MOPatch/*’

test -d $IHRDBMS/MOPatch && mv $IHRDBMS/MOPatch $IHRDBMS/MOPatch-pre-SBP_1120311_201408

mv $IHRDBMS/sapbundle/SBP_1120311_201408/MOPatch $IHRDBMS/MOPatch


test -d GIMERGE11203P_1408-20010084 || unzip -qd GIMERGE11203P_1408-20010084 GIMERGE11203P_1408-20010084.ZIP

./GIMERGE11203P_1408-20010084/19060195/custom/server/19060195/custom/scripts/ -dbhome $IHRDBMS

env ORACLE_HOME=$IHRDBMS $IHRDBMS/MOPatch/ -v -s SGR11203P_1408-20010084.ZIP

test -d GIMERGE11203P_1408-20010084 || unzip -qd GIMERGE11203P_1408-20010084 GIMERGE11203P_1408-20010084.ZIP

./GIMERGE11203P_1408-20010084/19060195/custom/server/19060195/custom/scripts/ -dbhome $IHRDBMS

SBP is done in the new oracle home.

4.copy the file as follows from old home.

(cp -Rp /oracle/SID/oldhome/dbs/* to /oracle/SID/112_03/dbs/ )

(cp -Rp /oracle/SID/oldhome/network/admin/* to /oracle/SID/112_03/networ/admin/)

Downtime activities.

5. Stop applications and database.

6.Detach old oracle home.

cd /oracle/SID/oldhome/oui/bin

“./runInstaller -silent -local -cfs -detachHome ORACLE_HOME=””/oracle/oldhome/112_64″””

7.Detach new home

“cd /oracle/SID/112_03/oui/bin

   “./runInstaller -silent -local -cfs -detachHome ORACLE_HOME=”/oracle/SID/112_03”

8.unmount FS /oracle/oldhome/112_64

9.Attach home

“cd /oracle/SID/112_03/oui/bin

   “./runInstaller -silent -attachhome -local -cfs ORACLE_HOME=”/oracle/SID/112_03” ORACLE_HOME_NAME=OraDb11g_home5

10.Start DB on primary node on new home

11.alter system set cluster_database=false scope=spfile;

12.Stop and start DB on primary node

13.Run catsbp.sql on primary node

SQL> @sapbundle/SBP_1120311_201408/catsbp.sql

14.alter system set cluster_database=true scope=spfile;

15.Stop and start DB on primary node

16.Check for the invalid objects using below command and if found run @utlrp.sql script

Select * from dba_objects where status =’invalid’ order by object_name;

18.change the parametes for “_FIX_CONTROL” and “EVENT” as per the document for ur SBP

19.Stop and start DB on all nodes

20.start Listener and SAP

This will reduce your downtime.



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