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Must Do: List of activities to be performed for Upgrade from CRM 5 to CRM 7 Ehp3 for Utilities

I am recently performing an upgrade activity from CRM 5 to CRM 7 Ehp 3 for utilities. In this blog I would like to share the list of activities which are a “Must Do” for the Utilities interaction centre and the sales process to run. Without these activities the search process for existing master data would not work.

SAP has done a lot of structural changes for technical master data from CRM 5 to CRM 7 Ehp3. Few of the key tables such as ISU_POD and IBIN structures have changed and few new tables such as ECRM_ISU_TO_IDX and ECRM_ISU_EVBS has been introduced for performance improvement in search criteria .Thus the existing data needs to be remediated as a part of upgrade activity in order to use it in the new environment .

Thus the following steps needs to be followed to remediate the existing data .In CRM, go to SPRO>Customer Relationship Management >Industry-Specific Solutions>Utilities Industry>Adaption Reports for Address and Performance Improvements

Adaptation Pictures.png

This configuration opens up an array of programs which is required for existing technical master data remediation:

  • The first option changes the address group of the existing connect object and POD in ADRC in CRM from IB01 / IB02 to ISUA and ISUB respectively.
  • The second program is being run to fill the premise index table ECRM_ISU_EVBS.  This table is required for the premise search to be successful in the technical master data search profiles and in identification profiles.
  • The third program fills up new index table ECRM_ISU_TO_IDX. This table stores important keys for table joins. This table also should be filled up for existing data for search to be enabled. This program runs in foreground and creates queues in CRM.
  • The fourth program converts the IN_GUID in IBIN table from RAW 22 to RAW 16. This is also required for existing technical master data search.
  • The fifth program is required to switch of the index table update during data migration. This is not required to be run during upgrade
  • The last program fills the premise GUID in the ISU _POD table. This is also required to be run for all existing technical master data.

There is no order of running these programs.

Apart from the technical master data changes mentioned above SAP has also provided the table BUTADRSEARCH which enhances the business partner search. This functionality gets activated by activating the business function CRM_PERFORMANCE_2 which provides the program BPADRSEARCH_FILL to fill up the table for all existing business master data.

Hope the information shared will help others in the community.

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