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BI reports safety belt in Portal and Bex Analyzer

Hi All,

Here is my first blog post .. 🙂

As SAP suggested few safety belt s-notes to avoid server(JAVA stack) crashes and improve the fastness of server.

Many end users will run the BEx reports without filter or will run entire year data, in this cases, server will go slower or will create issues(slowness) for  other end users when they try to execute reports in portal. For avoid those issues – go below

Set Bex report execution limitation in Portal:

By default Bex report execution cell  limit is 10,00,000. This has to set lower(based on client requirement. Example 650000 cells

Check default settings in below table.

Se16>> table “ RSADMIN “ execute.  (If don’t have any setting’s for


Diff b/w DEF and MAX:   DEF – when the user ran the report,  limitation is DEF number. If the user wants to extend the cell limit, end users can increase MAX limit by clicking SETTINGS option.

Set values:  se38 >> programe SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN >> execute (F8) then provide the parameters


BICS_DA_RESULT_SET_LIMIT_MAX  = 650000 cells then OK. We can modify also my clicking modify if wants to change the cell limit.

Portal execution limit msg.jpg

entend limit in web.jpg

For more details see s-note: 1127156

Set BEx report download to Excel/PDF limitation in Portal:

These limitations enhance the above settings.

The memory consumption may be larger for the export to Excel or to PDF than for the execution in the Web; therefore, a lower value can be specified as the safety belt for Excel and PDF.



Execution default limit is 500000 and Max limit is 650000 in portal but download to excel/pdf is 300000 cells only if we set XLS and PDF setting in RSADMIN table.

Message when Excel limit cross.


After Open Excel:

excel mesg.jpg

Message when PDF limit cross.


pdf msg.jpg

For more details see s-note: 1622134

Set report execution limitation in BEx Analyzer:

We know BEx reports can execute in Web and Analyzer.

We discussed web Safety belt setting in above. Below Analyzer settings.

ANALYZER_LIMIT_DEF: The default number of maximum cells if no further setting is specified. The default number can be overwritten locally in BEx Analyzer for each data provider.

ANALYZER_LIMIT_MAX: the absolute maximum number of cells (see below). The maximum number cannot be overwritten in BEx Analyzer.



Message when cross limit:

Analyzer msg.jpg

For more details see s-note: 0001411545

How to select Max limit in Analyzer

After executing the report in Analyzer click the workbook settings as shown below for increasing the MAX limit. Increasing MAX limit is report specific.

Analyzer prop.jpg

Data Provider >> Properties


cell limit inc.jpg


Nageswara Polaka

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      Shankar T

      Hi Nageswara,

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