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360 feedback process and some easy optimized solution in SAP

360 Evaluation or Feedback Process is not only important from HR point of view but also this assessment tool help to improve leadership effectiveness across the organization. In SAP it is not easy to find and configure a readymade solution but we can sure achieve this. Though SuccessFactors provides 360 Evaluation solutions in Clouds but I would like to focus on Core SAP solution on 360 Feedback.

Before moving to solution let’s check more about 360 Feedback process, it may vary from company to company but the core concepts looks like something below

Benefits for Company:

  • Promote Constructive Feedback & Open Communication
  • Develop a Culture of Continuous Performance Improvement
  • Enhance Leadership (Managerial) Capability
  • Act as Catalyst for Change

  Benefits for Individual:

  • Increase Self Awareness
  • Help Line Managers to improve Leadership Competencies
  • Understand Strengths and areas for Development
  • Take Control of own Development


Whom to choose as evaluators:

  • Line Managers : Direct Line Manager and next Line Manager of the Feedback Recipient
  • Subordinates : Employees who are reporting directly to the Feedback Recipient
  • Peers : Employees with the same level of responsibilities within the Division or Department
  • External: Anybody the feedback recipient wants to consider in addition of the other group (could be internal customers, external customers, etc.)

We have seen by choosing 4~6 Peers and/or 4~6 External we could achieve optimized output.


Well the solution comprise of some configurations steps using Appraisal templates to maintains the evaluation questions/survey (One should always remember that this is off course different from a Performance Appraisal process)

Create or maintain 360 Evaluation Templates using PHAP_CATALOG_PA – Catalog for Appraisal Templates and this is quite similar to creating Performance Management templates.  The Leadership position could be created as Appraisal Templates and Different Competencies (here we focusing on Leadership competency) using Qualification and respective Qualifications based on positions and roles.


All the Questions needed to evaluate the leaders need to be set as description of each qualification objects. So based on the positions (appraisal templates) respective Qualification and the question could be selected by the application during evaluation process.



Now it’s time for the application build up process for 360 Evaluation.

Some Evaluators (Line Managers & Subordinates) could be easily found from the Org. Structure but how about Peers and Externals? We cannot skip them they are equally important for optimized output.

So we could easily customize this by using some custom master table for maintaining the Evaluatee and Evaluators as below. (“Self Evaluation” could be added again for comparison of the final output). Line Managers and Subordinates could be filling up automatically using Org. Structure.


These are the main configurations needed to maintain the 360 evaluation process. The next steps could be varying based on the output templates and the specific requirement by a company to handle the process.

A simple way is to create some SAP Application Reports and ABAP Web Dynpro pro Applications to handles the entire workflow process using all these configurations or you could add some business workflow items as well to handle the same integrate with Web Dynpro. I am providing below one of the process map that could use to fulfill the result.

360 Process Flow.JPG

Again the Input form and Output Report could be varying but some Graphical reports could be easily added to the output result like below.



These reports could be printable including a graph and could be downloadable as per the need. These reports also could include Hidden and Perceived Strengths/Weaknesses, Blind Spots for reviewing.


The advantage of using ABAP WebDynpro is not only with managing the workflow but mainly for the user interface as it’s provide flexible and reusable UX capabilities including Graphics integration and download option using Adobe Forms like below


Normally this feedback process is done by external company and 3rd party applications for most of the company. But if we can easily achieve and handle this using configurations and customization SAP why not?  SAP may add 360 evaluation application and process in next HR RENEWAL upgrades or using UI5 this could be more easily achievable and follows as per the new UX strategy?

We need to wait for all these to happen but meanwhile we could use similar concepts 🙂

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