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Share your all details, so that experts can assist you better

Welcome to this community,

I hope you have already read this blog post Dear Newbie – Welcome in SCN MM space where you can able to understand that what you can do and what you can’t do in this community. Its a place where you can find solution for your any type of issues. Experts are here to help you, to give you the right way to solve you issue.

But you also need to be quite clear about your requirement or issue. You need to explain your issue in your discussion, so that all other members can understand your issue and can provide the solution accordingly.

Let me explain about one scenario :

You are facing one issue in your system, you would like to post your issue in this community. You go to the “Start a Discussion” and then write with this details :

“I am facing an error message “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”, please provide the solution”

Do you know what you will get the first reply ? Yes, it is “Please share the message number”.

In this blog post First aid for Newbies in MM, in the section SAP talks with you, you can see how SAP talks with you. Whenever you will face a problem which contains a message, then surely SAP will leave a message number. If you will share the message number, then it will be very easy to read the message text from the message number. So why you just post the message text ? Just post the message number along with the message text.

You can’t believe today I’ve observed 3 discussions (within 1 hour) which has no message number and unfortunately it was me who asked for the message number to these 3 members.

“Goods movement not possible with mvmt type 312” error in MF65

Message In MICN after changing Cycle count

Why system giving the quantity related error during the cancellation of invoice…

If I will go for search, then surely I can find many more in these previous days. I observed that from last year. You can see in the first discussion, it has created a confusion, there are 3 message numbers with the same text (you can see I have shared the screen shot of T100 table). Now how we can give you the solution without knowing the exact message number. Instead of message text, if the member post the message number, then we can see the message text with regards to the message number from system and we can provide the solution.

And then other think is that, what did you do for this message number.

SAP has given a short diagnosis and procedure for almost every message. Whenever you will face an issue which show you a message, just double click on the message number and read the message details, may be you can able to find the solution from the details (Diagnosis and Procedure). If you are still not able to find the solution, then your next step will be search in SCN. You will find search results for almost all types of error message. Just enter the message number in the search box in SCN (for more details have a look into the blog post How to use SCN search), you can find all discussions which has discussed previous with the same error message number. May be you can able to find the solution from one of these existing discussions. If you still can’t able to find your solution, then just go to SAP service market place and search for the SAP notes and KBAs with regards to the error message (for service market place, have a look into the document SAP Service Marketplace Overview and FAQ).

If you still can not able to find the solution, then please share these all details in your discussion. Share us that what you have done already which has already discussed in some previous discussions.

If you share that you have already searched and already tested the all solutions which has provided in other previous discussions, then we will never say you like that “Please check the existing / similar discussion” along with the link of existing discussions.

You can follow these below procedures at the time creating a discussion :

1. If you are facing an error or warning message :

–> Share the error message number.

–> Share what is the procedure your are doing.

–> Share what is the transaction code you are using.

–> Share the existing solution what you have done already.

2. If you are asking to map a scenario in SAP

–> Share the all details in general business process.

–> Share the all method or process that you have already read after searching.

–> If you have found a procedure and it is quite suitable for you but some confusion still there, just share us your procedure and share your confusion.

3. If you found some strange behavior in SAP system

–> Share the screen shot of the SAP system.

–> Share the existing solution what you have done already.

4. You have done all settings for a scenario, but you didn’t get result as expected

–> Share the all settings you have done.

–> Give the reference where did you find the scenario and settings.

Share these all details, so that we do not have to ask you any further information and we can give you the direct solution. It doesn’t matter if it takes little more time to explain your issue better. If you will explain your issue better, then we can give you solution better as per your expectation.

I would like to tag these forums SAP ERP – Logistics Materials Management (SAP MM), SAP ERP Financials , SAP ERP Operations – Quality Management (SAP QM), SAP ERP SD Billing, ERP SCM Logistics Execution, SAP ERP Manufacturing – Production Planning (SAP PP), SAP ERP Sales and Distribution (SAP SD), so that everyone in these forums can see the blog post.

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  • Hi Dev,

    Very nice blog and yet another, but a great approach to pour some sense. I have seen several users posting a part of query (and not interested to reveal the details in full).

    I feel it happens when you haven't done your homework well. As a consultant, one is expected to give solutions but when a consultant itself appears inexpressive, I become suspicious about the integrity. 

    How could any body implement anything if one finds it tough to deliver the details. I don't believe anyone unaware of most common and general solution to a query. So mentioning what you have already done & to get rid of such common solution, saying what has already been tried becomes very important. I hope after reading your blog, people will understand that's its very important to describe the process, all work done, and other necessary details as well.

    Other than that, review the content before posting it. If you can understand it well, and feel nothing is left, press the hit button. You gotto ask, you gotto say before !


          • Aye. Please don't misunderstand, I didn't want to dampen your enthusiasm. In fact I'm working on a similar document for the FI-TV space at the moment and plan to create a space-announcement linking to that document as some kind of "last resort" to get people to read how to behave. I'm just frustrated that people fail to switch their brains on and read blogs like your's or Rob's or the RoE etc. even when pointed to these multiple times. Gnah... it's good that it's weekend soon -_-

          • Hey Lukas.. I didn't mind at all and will never be from you guys 🙂 . Everything is about experience. I've written 3 blogs in 'About SCN' and all these 3 blogs are coming into my mind from day to day experience as because I am an active member in MM forum. I just write whatever I observe.

  • Hi Dev

    I am a FAN of you. How ever due to certain schedules I could not read other connected blogs by you. But need not to say that what you are suggesting should be on the top of the list before posting a query on the respective SCN forum.


    Rajneesh Saxena