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Sample video scheduling AO Document with prompts

Hi All,

As many of you did not succeeded with Scheduling the workbook with prompt, Here I have created sample video(no audio), might helpful

AO Version :


BIP Platform : 4.1 SP5

Sample scheduling of Analysis Office Document with Prompts – YouTube

I would recommend to see the blog for detailed level information

Best Regards,


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  • Hello Subhash,

    The schedule of analysis workbook can be ran successfully from my side too.

    But the data of analysis workbook is not filtered according to the variable value I input in the prompts.

    Whatever the variable value is input, the system always sends the result of what I saved originally.

    This is the issue.

    Thanks for checking this issue from your side.


    • Hi Saints,

      in my case it filtered with the given value

      in that case inputs might be wrong

      variable name should give Technical name of the variable

      Member should give in KEY values


      • But I already input the technical name of the variables.

        I saved the analysis workbook with the following condition:


        I scheduled the analysis workbook with the prompts below:


        The schedule is showed successful, but the data is still ZFR3 instead of 7728.

        I think the prompt is never taken into account when the schedule is ran.

        • Hi Saints,

          Under data source  :  you have given directly Query name, instead  give - DS_1

          Under variable : from above two screenshots you have given characteristic names, you should give variable technical names i.e. 0P_CALYE and 0s_COCD for second variable(from your selection in red)

          you may try now


          • Hello Subhash,

            If I put DS_1 as datasource, 0P_CALYE=2014, 0S_COCD=ZFR3

            The schedule failed. see the message below.

            BiPrecalculation called with first parameter: E:\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\logging\Analysis_Precalculation_bw_qry_mpr_ps004_0001_schedule_57487.log

            - Information: @@@@@ Precalculation Start. (SharedAddIn 2007 Build Main method) @@@@@ | 2015-01-29T14:07:20 | ()

            - Error: Application Exception (ID 103042)

            Nested Exception. See inner exception for details below.

               at iInnerException, Object iExTag)

               at iEx)

               at iSender, CoProcessingFinishedEventArgs iEventArgs)

               at iCommand)

               at iCommand)

               at iCommand)

               at iParameters)

               at iCommand, CoCommandParameters iParameters)

               at iCommand, CoCommandParameters iParameters)


            >> General .NET Exception:

            Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

               at iRow, String iCellReference)

               at iRowIndex, UInt32 iColumnIndex, Object[,] iValues, String[,] iCellFormats, Object[,] iStyleNames, Object[,] iHAlignments, Object[,] iVAlignments, Boolean iCreateNewCells)

               at iObject)



               at iRedisplayHelper)

               at iSender, CoProcessingFinishedEventArgs iEventArgs)

               at iSender, CoProcessingFinishedEventArgs iEventArgs)

              | 2015-01-29T14:07:33 | ()

            - Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. | 2015-01-29T14:07:33 | ()

            If I input directly the query technical name, and 0P_CALYE=2014, 0S_COCD=ZFR3

            The issue is same as previous post: the data is not filtered by prompts


          • oops unfortunately I am not expert in analyzing logs 🙁

            my last suggestion check DS_1 correct or not (I assume remaining variables & values sections are correct)

            How to check : go to original workbook ->Components tab see, does your query is DS_1 or not Capture.PNG

            if you still face error, I will suggest to open an incident

          • Hello Subhash,

            I can see DS_1 for my analysis workbook.

            But when I input DS_1 as the data source in the scheduling, it's failed.

            And when I input technical query name,it succeeded, but the result is not refreshed according to the values I input for the variables.

            I will create an incident, thank you anyway.


          • Hello Subhash,

            I find the reason why my schedule failed.

            Because I updated  the old analysis workbook(not in SP10), and scheduled it again.

            Now I try to create a new analysis workbook in AO SP10.1 and scheudle it in BI4 with prompts, it works as expected.