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RDS Packages For SAP SuccessFactors Solutions

I received this update from Sevil Rende, the package owner for SAP SuccessFactors RDS packages. I decided to share, since it is valuable.

Our Rapid Deployment solutions and SAP Best Practices package offerings under and then selecting People, or under LoB –> Human Resources à and then by selecting the cloud sections.

Here is the list with most relevant packages with direct links to the package pages on smp:

          SAP Best Practices for SuccessFactors Recruiting in SAP ERP HCM


          SAP Best Practices for SuccessFactors Compensation in SAP ERP HCM


          SAP ERP HCM Integration to SuccessFactors rapid-deployment solution


          SuccessFactors Employee Central Integration to SAP ERP rapid-deployment solution


          SAP Best Practices for SuccessFactors Employee Central


          Rapid data migration to cloud solutions from SAP

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  • Hi Prashanth - I just wanted to call out the Parter-developed RDS solutions as well.  I will highlight LaunchLMS, the Learning Migration RDS for migrating from SAP's Learning Solution to SuccessFactors Learning, which was qualified by SAP at Sapphire and is available on the SAP store: There are other companies that have developed solutions to speed up your SuccessFactors implementations as well, and if  the solutions are qualified, they will be on the SAP store.  Cheers!

  • btw... We are planning to release something for the US country version of Employee Central Payroll later this year - probably around July.  It isn't an RDS really in that we don't plan any service around it but will focus on pre-configured content and other accelerators.

    • That's great Robert, This is exactly we were trying to work on too, we do have the ECC Payroll version of RDS, and did implement the a client of ours in 2012, while activating we did make the data changes.

      we did install the Compensation and VP RDS on our test instance and are currently testing it.

  • Hi Prashanth,

    Where could i find information on on boarding integration? is it part of recruiting package?

    Appreciate if you could share RDS package for on boarding. I want the list of activities which needs to be carried out in ECC and SF to enable on boarding integration.



  • Seems like many partners are creating RDS offerings now.  FYI - KPIT has created it's own RDS package for SuccessFactors.  We call it KPIT KickStart and it includes RDS solutions for every module in the suite except for WFA and Variable Pay.  We take a similar approach as SAP with a our own best practice preconfigured system and a highly prescriptive implementation approach.  However, we add value by allowing customers to add functionality for just about every conceivable option, plus service options such as lite change readiness or project coordination. This allows customers to create a hybrid solution if needed.  In most cases, the solution is half the cost and half the time.  It's great for small businesses, but it can also work for large projects, if the circumstances are right. 

  • Hi Prashanth,

    Thanks for such good and help full document.

    Do we have RDS for Data replication from Employee Center to SAP HCM ERP using HCI?

    It would be a great help if you can provide the same document.