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OS level monitoring activation for remote host

Introduction :

This document is based on configuration of CCMS agent in order to get OS level information in ST06, OS07, OS07N transactions for database host as well as any other remote host .

Contents :

1. Pre-requisite Checks .

2. Create CMSREG user.

3. Files to be downloaded

4. Create custom profile for standalone CCMS agent .

5. Generate Configuration file for agent

6. Register CCMS agent

7. Check the connection RFC in RZ21

8. Check the OS level data in OS07

1.     Pre-requisite Checks:

  • If your system is having SAP BASIS < 702 SP16 & SAP Kernel > 710 then you can follow rest of the steps .

For more information , please check following notes :

       1. 1491115

       2. 1304555

       3. 1368389

        In order to proceed with Web Service CCMS API connection , SAP_BASIS should be at least on 702 SP 16 & kernel version should be greater than equal to 710 .

  • Host Agent should be installed & it should be up & running

To check this,  log into the host with root user and go to /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe & run following command to check whether it’s up or not :

from root > /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/saphostexec -status

2.      Create CMSREG user.

Create CSMREG user from RZ21 transaction through following path :

  • RZ21 > Technical Infrastructure > Configure Central System > Create CSMREG user

3.      Files to be downloaded

Download non-unicode 7.20 sapccmsr agent as per OS version (64 bit/ 32 bit) & NW version > Support Packages & Patches > Browse our download catalog > SAP Netweaver & Complementatry Products > SA Netweaver > (Choose netweaver version) > Entry By Components > Application Server ABAP > SAP KERNEL 7.20 64-BIT> (Choose OS) > DB Independent > Then choose the CCMS Agent SAR file & Download

Now create /usr/sap/ccms/bin directory & extract the .SAR file to it .

4.      Create custom profile for standalone CCMS agent

Create a file named sapccmsr.pfl in /usr/sap/tmp and make following entry into it :

exe/saposcol = /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/saposcol

5.     Generate Configuration file for agent

Execute RZ21 and click on following link :


Save the file in your desktop and then move to followingf location :

     Microsoft Windows: \\<hostname>\saploc\prfclog\sapccmsr

     UNIX: /usr/sap/tmp/sapccmsr

6.      Register CCMS Agent

  • Put following entry in host agent profile and restart the host agent :

             ccms/enable_agent = 0

  • Run following command from /usr/sap/ccms/bin/.

              ./sapccmsr -R pf=/usr/sap/tmp/sapccmsr.pfl

        [Give all the necessary inputs as per your Central Monitoring System ]

7.      Check the connection RFC in RZ21

Click on following option and TEST the connection :



8.      Check the OS level data in OS07

  Execute OS07 and select the host from the pop up and double click on it . it will show all the OS relevant details . More more information click on “Detail Analysis Menu” .


Hope it would help SAPians !!

Looking forward , I would love to receive more feedback so that this document can be enriched with more useful information .


Nilutpal Sharmah

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