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We are very happy to announce the public availability of the newly released SAP Fiori, demo cloud edition. A cloud based, simple way to explore and experience SAP Fiori User Experience and applications across lines of business, tasks and devices.

With SAP Fiori, demo cloud edition you will be able to explore transactional Fiori apps with pre-defined sample data. It runs as a cloud service on SAP HANA Cloud Platform and provides the option to investigate the capabilities and business processes of the available 15 SAP Fiori apps in the Human Capital Management, Materials Management, Sales & Distribution and Accounting lines of business.

Soon you will be able to use the SAP Fiori, demo cloud edition with additional capabilities that will enable you to set up and experience SAP Fiori apps in the cloud with your custom requirements and landscape setup. Stay tuned also to be able to run SAP Fiori on the cloud (running on SAP HANA Cloud Platform) in a productive environment connected to your on-premise business processes.

DEMOjpg.jpg CLOUD.jpg

This is the beginning of an exciting journey to enable running SAP Fiori in the cloud as easy as possible. Stay tuned for more news on this topic in the coming months.


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        1. Tejas Chouhan

          Cool..Thanks Jeremy,

          But I get error in “Check Price and availabilty” and Create sales order. I feel some maintenance is going on ?



  1. Former Member

    Good idea – also to show some customer a Fiori APP we are not runnign in our demsystem. BUT there are too less Apps on the side (all of them we have within our dem system…)

    We hope you are going to integrate more apps

    1. Aviad Rivlin Post author

      We are planning to bring more apps, and more important deliver the SAP Fiori, trial cloud edition to enable customers and partners to customize and try SAP Fiori easily on the cloud.


    2. Jeremy Good

      Take a look at the question mark (?) icon – something that perhaps your demo system does not have (currently first introduced on HCP).  I have seen several customer requests for guided app tours and options for inline help – take a look and feel free to blog about what you think.

  2. Former Member

    can we now use the standard fiori apps on HCP?

    how can we do that i.e get the standard fiori apps on HCP like approve purchase requisition.

    Also If we use the standard app on HCP and the destination to that app is a ERP backend connected via cloud connector,    In that case are the APPS applicable for an upgrade ?

    asking this because A standard app if deployed on an on-premise  system is moved to a HCP then it is treated as a custom app( correct me if i am wrong)


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