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Aware of SAP Wiki for Project System

We have another knowledge resource for Project System tha is the SAP Wiki for Project System.

I’ve seen some SCN spaces listed the related Wiki link at the first page, but not for this space. I think we should aware of this knowledge base and use it properly to enreach our knowlege and share knowledge with others also.

The link is:
Project System (PS)

Different with posts or documents, the Wiki is more systematic, it may easy to find what you want by navigating the page structures.

Just want to share it and hope we can improve the efficiency of its use.

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  • Hi Rachel,

    Very good information and a very good source of knowledge in SAP PS area.

    Thanks for updating everyone in this forum.

    Keep up the good work.



    • Hi Nathan,

      PS do belong to SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), PS/PLM/PPM are included in SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). However as it's also one component of ERP core functions, so sometimes people may confuse about this.



      • If you go back to the original R/3 solution and trace it's history, PS was an ERP module just like SD, MM and the GL...  and it still is today.  If you install ECC 6.0, PS will be there.  You don't have to run PLM, PPM or PRM to get it.  It's only when SAP came out PLM, PPM et al and re-branded it as a PLM 'solution' that it started to cause confusion.  We all have to put up with this battle between the technical architecture versus the sales branding of the solution but since this is a more technical focused community (as opposed to I think we should go with how the solutions are technically organized versus how they are marketed.  For instance, if you go to and then navigate to Solutions, you'll see a single link for Finance and then 5 links under that that are vague and lacking any detail...  and the words 'general ledger' don't appear anywhere on these pages!!!! 

        It's vital to always target your audience and SCN's audience is largely technical or functional/technical.  The majority of us that work on PS do most of that work in ERP... creating projects, troubleshooting AVAC issues, reporting out of CJI3, etc.  I don't know that I'll ever think of PS as a PLM solution, or the GL as a "Accounting and Financial Close" solution. 

        • Hi Nathan,

          Yes, you do have points of considering PS as part of ERP, actually, when I started it, it belongs to ERP. However, after PLM has established, it is included in that new definition, it's a change of SAP definition, but may not accept that quick by everyone. Maybe it is because they have similar places or something else. I also took time to accept it. However, we may need to aware of it, as some of the useful information related to PS that is issued by SAP may be found under PLM area, like the Wiki, it's just another way out to find information.