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SAP Oracle Restore using Incremental Backup

                             SAP Oracle Restore using Incremental Backup (RMAN)


This document contains the steps that how to restore the SAP system using RMAN Incremental Backup. This Document give only the restore commands to execute at OS level. There are many pre-Steps and Post steps need to be done once the below method done.    This document expain how to configure RMAN backup and to run full backup & incremental backup to restore.

Application : SAP

OS level       : AIX

Database     : Oracle 11G

Author: Brindavan Mookaiah

Designation: SAP BASIS Consultant

Table of Content :-

1) To configure RMAN Backup

2) To Run Full backup

3) To Run Incremental Backup

4) Clean the filesystem

5) Restore the SAP system using incremental backup


1)  To configure RMAN Backup.

stop the Database using the below commands

# sqlplus / as sysdba

SQL> shutdown immediade;

2) Go the directory /oracle/SID/11203/dbs and edit the the file called “”

3) Enter the following the entires

For Examples :

backup_mode = full

backup_type = online_cons

backup_dev_type = rman_util

compress = no

util_par_file = /oracle/WA3/102_64/dbs/initWA3.utl

rman_channels = 4

rman_filesperset = 4




4) Save the file and start the Database

# sysdba/ as sysdba

SQL> startup

5) Schedule the full backup weekly once by using the following command “brbackup -c -u / -m full -t online -d rman_util -r initSID.utl”

6) Schedule the the incremental backup daily 0-4 by using the following command “brbbackup -c -u / -m incr -t online -d rman_util -r initSID.utl2”

Pre-steps for retoring the Database

Clean the filesystem like SAPDATA1*

7) Restore the DB control files saved with the Level 1 backup (This is the .inr file)

       “brrestore -b <.inr file>  -m 0 -d rman_util”

Once completed then have the control files in the following locations




Mount the Database

# sqlplus “/ as sysdba”

SQL> startup mount;


8)Start the restore of the data files

“brrestore -b <.fnr filename> -m all -d rman_util”

Check log file for successful completion

9)Apply incremental backup once the full backup completed

“brrestore -b <.inr filename> -m incr -d rman_util”

Check log file for successful completion.

Once the restore completed then retore orrach files with squence number

10) Execute the following command to start restore the archive logs.

” brrestore –c –a <log_nr1>-<log_nr2>=/oracle/<TSID>/oraarch”

Once the above steps completed then recover the database.

# sqlplus / as sysdba

SQL> recover database until cancel using backup controlfile –> To reover from the point of termination


SQL> shutdown immediate;

SQL> startup mount

SQL> alter database open resetlogs;


Once database is opened the start the SAP system

# startsap all

Note: If CI and DB in different host you may get error, you can check with command below

Login with SIDsadm at OS level and excute

# R3trans –d –> It’s should give “000” or else check the trans log and fix the issue.

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