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Fiori Like Lumira Extensions: Mini Charts

One thing that I love about Fiori is Smart Business Cockpit. It has small charts with numeric information and a summary chart. If you are creating dashboards with some summary KPIs, this kind of charts are very useful.

Lumira has a built-in “Numeric Point” component, that just shows a number at a time without any visual. Lumira will have more chart types in the future but thanks to extension development capabilities, today we can create lots of charts with little effort. In addition to “Numeric Point” component, I decided to create a set of extensions in order to visualize percentage values and series of data in a summary way.

Below you can find 2 different extensions in order to visualize series of data and percentage values.

mini charts 2.png

For the percentage charts you just need to have a measure that is in decimal format like 0,80 for 80%.


For the series charts, just use a measure and a set of data. It is not required to be a time series data, but it may be more meaningful to use time series. Number above the chart displays the last number in the dataset and can be arranged by sorting on chart. Chart can display minimum and maximum points with dots and lines.

area chart.png


Extension and vizPacker files (GitHub)

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