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  1. Former Member

    I have some bananas at home that are trending in the wrong direction. Feel free to post them.

    Genuinely, though, good luck, I’ll look forward to the epilogue. I’m trying to move homes right now, and even just deep-cleaning its crazy how much stuff we have that we don’t need at all, but that could be extremely valuable to someone else.

    1. Susan Keohan

      If you could find someone to take those moldy old taxidermy experiments of yours, that is.

      Seriously though, I wish Natascha Thomson all the luck, and I’ll be following her exploits closely.  Maybe even get inspired to act?

      1. Former Member Post author


        as I will blog on the Yerdle blog about this every week, I will be looking for inspirational ideas. Yerdle also has a fund. They have a sub-community like the mentors, the Pro Yerdlers and the fund has not been publicly rolled out as in testing. We’ve done a coat drive in December and doing one for the homeless and DressForSuccessRight now. Of course, stuff has to be available on Yerdle. Maybe we can do something for Animals, involve our Gretchen Lindquist? Would love to collaborate with you ladies again.

    2. Former Member Post author

      Bananas sounds great. Always good for a smoothy.

      Agree on the amount of stuff. And, while going through it all when moving sucks, it’s so awesome once you have worked your way through it all!!! I haven’t moved in 14 years. Before every few years and we were so lean (stuff-wise, and waste-wise).

      Good luck with the move!

  2. Jason Lax

    Stuff…so much stuff! I really congratulate anyone going on a “stuff” diet or trying to find more sustainable ways to consume.

    I’m a fashion junkie…I used to work in the industry.  I used to buy and hold onto stuff out of pure compulsion.  At the end of 2012, I decided that I’ll go on a “diet” and not buy any new clothing or shoes unless it was to replace something I already have. The formula is simple: if I buy a new pair of shoes, I give away a pair I have.  Same for a new shirt or sweater and so on.  The only exceptions was if it was something new that I didn’t already have, like a raincoat or galloshes.

    In 2013, I spent not only less money on sh*t I didn’t need or already have, I spent less time browsing shops at home and while on vacation too freeing up my time.  Things are going so well that I continued into 2014 and looks like it’s going to become a regular habit for me.

    1. Former Member Post author

      Jason, I really appreciate the encouragement! Yeah!

      What’s the name of the movement where you get one and give one? We need to create a term. Maybe the Give & Take Movement? Or the Anti-Redundancy Movement, or the An eye for an eye movement? It has to fit with sharing economy :-).  Multiple people have mentioned to me that they are doing that. Very intriguing. I could do that next year. LOL.

      I had to Google galoshes: Galoshes – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Definitely, everybody needs a pair of those. Just teasing. So good to hear your comment here.

      1. Jason Lax

        It’s quite a challenge: every time I want to buy a new pair of sneakers, jeans or sweatshirt I have to first figure out what I’ll give up. My wife also keeps me in check so I can’t cheat 😥 (She thought I wouldn’t last the first year!)

        I’m happy to hear I’m not the only one practicing this and I haven’t heard of it being a movement.  No matter what, it makes for a good challenge for anyone, even for a short time.

        By the way, TOMS : One for One and Buy a Pair, Give a Pair by Warby Parker are examples of get one, give one programs but with the consumer detached from the process.


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