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What is Adaptive Server Platform Edition?

In 2015, SAP introduced Adaptive Server Platform Edition which consists of SAP ASE, SAP IQ, and SAP Replication ServerASPE is a package of database related technologies found in typical customer applications and provides essential services for OLTP, Reporting and Analysis, Availability, as well as Disaster and Recovery.  With Adaptive Server Platform Edition, customers are able to deploy the ASPE licenses as ASE, IQ or Replication Server licenses giving customers the advantage of having an adaptive server platform. 

The value of Adaptive Server Platform Edition can be described in three areas.

  • Deployment FlexibilityIT departments have the flexibility to repurpose licenses across projects or switch the license mix of those products at any time.
  • Business Agility – Businesses have much better agility so they can easily resize or re-architect environments in response to market changes, seasonal peak periods, or new business demands.
  • Better TCOASPE includes several popular ASE options and IQ options in the basic functionality.  Some of the options now included as standard features of ASPE are encryption, partitioning, compression, and LDAP support leading to even better TCO than before. Customers can also decrease license costs for future projects by leveraging the flexibility ASPE provides.

The ASE and IQ products in Adaptive Server Platform Edition and options are the same as before and contain no engineering changes.  Product documentation & roadmaps remain the same.  ASPE represents a simplified pricing strategy for ASE, Replication Server and IQ, with built in flexibility to move licenses between the components of the package.

The latest version of SAP Replication Server, packaged as Replication Server, Premium Edition (included in ASPE) supports ASE, HANA, IQ, SAP Data Services, and Hadoop.  SAP Replication Server supports multiple data replication uses cases, such as consolidating data from different sources,
distributing data amongst heterogeneous database types, as well as the common use case of providing disaster recovery features to ASE customers.
Customers easily replicate committed transactions from ASE or HANA to any SAP DB or into our ETL engine.  A licensable option for replication to/from 3rd party databases (Oracle, MSFT, IBM) is also available.  The new Hadoop target enables customers to replicate data directly from the database to their Hadoop lake – providing a new level of extensibility to ASE based applications.

SAP customers can convert their ASE, IQ, and Rep Server licenses to Adaptive Server Platform Edition licenses by contacting their SAP sales representative.

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      Author's profile photo Rao Bheemarasetty
      Rao Bheemarasetty

      Very good initiative taken by product development. Integrating all three into common platform will be a game changer and competitive with other vendors. For ages customers are looking for this.

      For OLTP no other vendors beats SAP ASE on TCO and Reliability. For Analytics IQ is the world leader and RepServer is the best of the breed in data movement. Definitely this is a deadly combination and the customer is the winner.

      Author's profile photo Chris Jones
      Chris Jones

      A good summary of a fantastic solution from SAP.

      We are already seeing a lot of interest from customers.

      We recently reviewed ASPE on linkedin and the response has been fantastic  - SAP introduce a game changer: Adaptive Server Platform Edition | Chris Jones | LinkedIn

      Author's profile photo Mishelle Velez
      Mishelle Velez

      Hello Ron, someone at SAP shared with me the link of your publication which is actually very relevant for me at this point. I would like to contact you for a specific request from a client. Could you please tell me the best way to reach you? It is quite urgent. Thanks in advance!

      Author's profile photo Chris Baker
      Chris Baker


      I have forwarded your request to Rudi Leibbrandt.


      Author's profile photo Mishelle Velez
      Mishelle Velez

      Thank you Chris!

      Hope to hear from him soon.


      Author's profile photo Rudi Leibbrandt
      Rudi Leibbrandt

      Mishelle - if you click on my name above, and use the "Follow" function, I'll be able to contact you directly.

      Author's profile photo Ali Okla
      Ali Okla

      Hi Ron

      Could you, please, tell me what's the difference between SAP ADAPTIVE SERVER ENTERPRISE and SAP ASE FOR BUSINESS SUITE

      Best regards

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      is there a sizing guide?