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WebDispatcher Service on Windows with SC.exe


This is probably very basic. But it would have saved me some time so:

I was following this tutorial on Webdispatcher installation on windows. Everything went great until creating a service for the webdispatcher (11th step).

The problem is ntscmgr.exe is no longer supported

I was able to create it with sc.exe as explained in the note, but I was unable to make the service start.

sc.exe create SAPWebDisp binPath= “<path>\sapwebdisp.exe pf=sapwebdisp.pfl” type= own start= auto

Finally inspired by this blog and the original tutorial I found the answer.

Solution: Open “regedit.exe” and edit the string “ImagePath” under following location. 


sapwebdisp.exe service pf=sapwebdisp.pfl

Now it works fine.

Hope it helps someone.

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  • Hi Facundo Ferrer

    I did the setup as you said "sapwebdisp.exe service pf=sapwebdisp.pfl but not working for me. I did changes as below, now I can start my service.

    C:\<SAPWebD>\sapwebdisp.exe service pf=C:\<SAPWebD>\sapwebdisp.pfl