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Community Manager Appreciation Day 2015 – #SCN #CMAD 

It is my pleasure to announce that today marks the 5th annual Community Manager Appreciation Day (CMAD). As you may know, SCN Global Moderators, Moderators and Space Editors work diligently to govern and continuously improve our community, answer questions and deliver high quality information to help make your job easier.

CMAD 1.html.png

In celebration of this special day, we’re sharing some behind the scenes videos depicting “A Day in the Life of a Community Manager”. These prove that, in addition to working hard, Community Managers like to have fun. Check out the videos below to learn all about life as a Community Manager at SAP!

A Typical Meeting in NSQ

The Real Community Managers of SCN

Thank you!

Please join me in thanking all of SCN’s Moderators and Space Editors. Also, please feel free to add your comments of appreciation below by using the @mention to recognize those who have supported you.

CMAD 2.html.png

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  1. Tammy Powlas

    Who knew that Jason Cao could move? [embed width="425" height="350"][/embed]

    The specified item was not found. Thank you for all you do and updating rules of engagement.

    [embed width="425" height="350"][/embed]

    Jeanne Carboni  Marilyn Pratt

    Very good mention of Julius von dem Bussche

    [embed width="425" height="350"][/embed]

    Thank you Moshe Naveh for the great moderator support.  And thanks to all the fellow moderators for their collaborative SCN support.  “It takes a village”.

    Final special thanks to Audrey Stevenson – one day I hope to have as much empathy and be as articulate as you are.

    1. Audrey Stevenson

      Tammy Powlas, what an honor to be mentioned in such a way by one of our community rock stars. It goes both ways, and it truly does “take a village”!

      Like Susan Keohan says below, I’m afraid to start naming names because the list would rival the topic leader list. Please know, all you dedicated moderators and space editors, that we are forever grateful for all that you do to keep this community a great place for SAP devotees to share their knowledge.

  2. Susan Keohan

    Nice to give a shout-out to all the great folks at SCN (and in the community too – you know who you are!) who help keep things running.  I could start naming names, but the list would go on forever…

    1. Former Member

      LOL – alround very funny video!

      I don’t shy away from community problems but confess that I do appreciate the entertainment value of a flamewar. Had no idea it was that obvious though…  😉



  3. Tammy Powlas

    Earlier, I forgot to thank Jürgen L – a go-to Moderator for all-things SCN and providing excellent moderation advice.

    How could I have forgotten to thank Jason Lax the SCN SEO expert – especially for – something I use everyday!

  4. Dibyendu Patra

    Thank you so much to Jürgen for supporting and keep MM space clean (the best and active moderator). Thank you to Jason for keep supporting us for SCN related issue. Thank you to Moshe for supporting wiki related content and thank you to Caroleigh for supporting us anything related to reputation.

    And thank you so much to all other moderators to keep supporting to all members to achieve some knowledge and encourage people to participate in SCN.

    Love you all moderators.

    P.s: I don’t know how I missed that, bit late but still I can say thank you.

  5. Nitin Jinagal

    I would like to extend my gratitude to Craig S who has done everything to keep the QM space very organised. He just doesn’t support, but always lends a hand in understanding the problem, giving suggestions, explain the concepts and yet strict enough to keep the nuisance away. He is the backbone of QM space 🙂

    I’m following him from the very first day and he is the one who resolved my first query. So I know him from the very beginning.

    I also appreciate Jürgen L very much, though I don’t get into MM space but he doesn’t seem only MM moderator. He is like SCN Moderator to me 😆 .

    Wherever a problem or a complain is, he is always there with a solution.

    Honoured to know such great men !!



    1. Craig S

      Thank you for the kind words.  I am helped immensly though by several regular members of the QM forum who report bad postings to me.  I am much more reactionary then proactive in that regard!

      I often wish I had more time to devote to blogging though.  🙁


      1. Nitin Jinagal

        Yes Sir, Its been long since you wrote a blog. We all miss your inputs in that manner. I’m pretty sure everyone would agree with me on that. Your blogs are truly unique and wonderful.




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