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Recently, a collegue of mine Ido Fishler shared a wonderful REST API tool to manage calls.

I would like to demonstrate some useful things you can do with it.

  • Manage Header Presets:

       You can store list of key-value strings to be added as headers.


     Then, you can decide which header preset to use next:


  • Saving calls to a collection

        You can store a collection of HTTP REST calls and edit their names


  • Manage environment

       Suppose you want to do the same call to different hosts.

       You can write the parameter in double braclet {{ param }} and then add a new key in the “manage environment” control.


     Add new enviornment and set his key-value parameters



     Here we can see all environments I set:


  • Consecutive calls:

     Suppose you have GET call to receive a key and then a POST call with the same key from previous call.


     you can do the following:


     in this example you can see a GET call with a parameter {{host}}

get csrf.png

     now, pay attention to the {{X-CSRF-Token}} parameter, it will contain the same value from the previous GET call.


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