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ORACLE: archive log count – hour-by-hour, daily – for a month: view on ONE Page

Hi Folks,

If you are running your shop on ORACLE database, monitoring/tracking count (& thus, volume/size) of archive log must be on top list.

As transaction activities (OLTP transactions or batch processing) increases, the amount of transaction logs also goes up. And, if it goes beyond the storage capacity of archive-log directory, your database may hit ‘archiver stuck’ situation. In addition, various questions may come on surface to be addressed – like

– available space for backup may get filled

– available bandwidth to ship archive logs to DR site (Disaster Recovery site) may come short (i.e. there may be delay in transferring archive log files from PRIMARY site to DR site)

– when did archive log generation was huge (this will help in tracing which background process to look for tuning)

In this document, i am coming up a script – which will give archive log count – hour-by-hour, daily – for a month: view on ONE Page.

This script runs on ORACLE Database Version 8i/9i/10g/11g.

This is a ‘SELECT only’ QUERY – to be run run as SYSTEM account.

This SQL QUERY finishes in ‘few’ seconds only (so, no adverse effect on database performance).

For your safety, advisable to run on your Development or Test instance (whichever is running in ARCHIVE MODE) first, before running on Production instance.

This script will generate output file named archive_log_count.html in the current directory (i.e. working directory).

If your Oracle database is running on non-Windows server, you need to transfer (ftp or WinSCP or similar) out-put file archive_log_count.html from non-Windows host to Windows PC and open the file in the web browser.

Best way to run this script is COPY & PASTE blue color text below at your SQL> prompt logged in as ‘SYSTEM’ account.

Here is the script (blue color) and sample output (inserted as image):

set echo off

set feedback off

set termout off

set pause off

set head on

set lines 100

set pages 500

clear columns

clear computes

set markup html on spool on preformat off entmap on –

head ‘ –

  <title>Redo Log Switch Report</title> –

  <style type=”text/css”> –

    body              {font:9pt Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; color:black; background:White;} –

    p                 {font:9pt Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; color:black; background:White;} –

    table,tr,td       {font:9pt Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; color:Black; background:#C0C0C0; padding:0px 0px 0px 0px; margin:0px 0px 0px 0px;} –

    th                {font:bold 9pt Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; color:#336699; background:#cccc99; padding:0px 0px 0px 0px;} –

    h1                {font:bold 12pt Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,sans-serif; color:#336699; background-color:White; border-bottom:1px solid #cccc99; margin-top:0pt; margin-bottom:0pt; padding:0px 0px 0px 0px;} –

    h2                {font:bold 10pt Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,sans-serif; color:#336699; background-color:White; margin-top:4pt; margin-bottom:0pt;} –

    a                 {font:9pt Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; color:#663300; margin-top:0pt; margin-bottom:0pt; vertical-align:top;} –            {font:9pt Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; color:#663300; margin-top:0pt; margin-bottom:0pt; vertical-align:top;} –

    a.noLink          {font:9pt Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; color:#663300; text-decoration: none; margin-top:0pt; margin-bottom:0pt; vertical-align:top;} –

    a.noLinkBlue      {font:9pt Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; color:#0000ff; text-decoration: none; margin-top:0pt; margin-bottom:0pt; vertical-align:top;} –

    a.noLinkDarkBlue  {font:9pt Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; color:#000099; text-decoration: none; margin-top:0pt; margin-bottom:0pt; vertical-align:top;} –

    a.noLinkRed       {font:9pt Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; color:#ff0000; text-decoration: none; margin-top:0pt; margin-bottom:0pt; vertical-align:top;} –

    a.noLinkDarkRed   {font:9pt Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; color:#990000; text-decoration: none; margin-top:0pt; margin-bottom:0pt; vertical-align:top;} –

    a.noLinkGreen     {font:9pt Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; color:#00ff00; text-decoration: none; margin-top:0pt; margin-bottom:0pt; vertical-align:top;} –

    a.noLinkDarkGreen {font:9pt Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; color:#009900; text-decoration: none; margin-top:0pt; margin-bottom:0pt; vertical-align:top;} –

  </style>’ –

body   ‘BGCOLOR=”#C0C0C0″‘ –

table  ‘BORDER=”1″‘

set heading on

prompt Redo Log Switches for a month


COLUMN DAY   FORMAT a75              HEADING ‘MM/dd; Time’

COLUMN H00   FORMAT 999,999B         HEADING ’00’

COLUMN H01   FORMAT 999,999B         HEADING ’01’

COLUMN H02   FORMAT 999,999B         HEADING ’02’

COLUMN H03   FORMAT 999,999B         HEADING ’03’

COLUMN H04   FORMAT 999,999B         HEADING ’04’

COLUMN H05   FORMAT 999,999B         HEADING ’05’

COLUMN H06   FORMAT 999,999B         HEADING ’06’

COLUMN H07   FORMAT 999,999B         HEADING ’07’

COLUMN H08   FORMAT 999,999B         HEADING ’08’

COLUMN H09   FORMAT 999,999B         HEADING ’09’

COLUMN H10   FORMAT 999,999B         HEADING ’10’

COLUMN H11   FORMAT 999,999B         HEADING ’11’

COLUMN H12   FORMAT 999,999B         HEADING ’12’

COLUMN H13   FORMAT 999,999B         HEADING ’13’

COLUMN H14   FORMAT 999,999B         HEADING ’14’

COLUMN H15   FORMAT 999,999B         HEADING ’15’

COLUMN H16   FORMAT 999,999B         HEADING ’16’

COLUMN H17   FORMAT 999,999B         HEADING ’17’

COLUMN H18   FORMAT 999,999B         HEADING ’18’

COLUMN H19   FORMAT 999,999B         HEADING ’19’

COLUMN H20   FORMAT 999,999B         HEADING ’20’

COLUMN H21   FORMAT 999,999B         HEADING ’21’

COLUMN H22   FORMAT 999,999B         HEADING ’22’

COLUMN H23   FORMAT 999,999B         HEADING ’23’

COLUMN TOTAL FORMAT 999,999,999      HEADING ‘Total’

break on report

compute  avg LABEL ‘Average:’ sum LABEL ‘Total:’ of total  ON report


    SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH:MI:SS’),1,5) || TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘ Dy’) DAY

  , SUM(DECODE(SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH24:MI:SS’),10,2),’00’,1,0)) H00

  , SUM(DECODE(SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH24:MI:SS’),10,2),’01’,1,0)) H01

  , SUM(DECODE(SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH24:MI:SS’),10,2),’02’,1,0)) H02

  , SUM(DECODE(SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH24:MI:SS’),10,2),’03’,1,0)) H03

  , SUM(DECODE(SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH24:MI:SS’),10,2),’04’,1,0)) H04

  , SUM(DECODE(SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH24:MI:SS’),10,2),’05’,1,0)) H05

  , SUM(DECODE(SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH24:MI:SS’),10,2),’06’,1,0)) H06

  , SUM(DECODE(SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH24:MI:SS’),10,2),’07’,1,0)) H07

  , SUM(DECODE(SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH24:MI:SS’),10,2),’08’,1,0)) H08

  , SUM(DECODE(SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH24:MI:SS’),10,2),’09’,1,0)) H09

  , SUM(DECODE(SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH24:MI:SS’),10,2),’10’,1,0)) H10

  , SUM(DECODE(SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH24:MI:SS’),10,2),’11’,1,0)) H11

  , SUM(DECODE(SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH24:MI:SS’),10,2),’12’,1,0)) H12

  , SUM(DECODE(SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH24:MI:SS’),10,2),’13’,1,0)) H13

  , SUM(DECODE(SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH24:MI:SS’),10,2),’14’,1,0)) H14

  , SUM(DECODE(SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH24:MI:SS’),10,2),’15’,1,0)) H15

  , SUM(DECODE(SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH24:MI:SS’),10,2),’16’,1,0)) H16

  , SUM(DECODE(SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH24:MI:SS’),10,2),’17’,1,0)) H17

  , SUM(DECODE(SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH24:MI:SS’),10,2),’18’,1,0)) H18

  , SUM(DECODE(SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH24:MI:SS’),10,2),’19’,1,0)) H19

  , SUM(DECODE(SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH24:MI:SS’),10,2),’20’,1,0)) H20

  , SUM(DECODE(SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH24:MI:SS’),10,2),’21’,1,0)) H21

  , SUM(DECODE(SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH24:MI:SS’),10,2),’22’,1,0)) H22

  , SUM(DECODE(SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH24:MI:SS’),10,2),’23’,1,0)) H23

  , COUNT(*)                                                                      TOTAL


  v$log_history  a

  where trunc(first_time) >= trunc(sysdate)-30

GROUP BY SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH:MI:SS’),1,5) || TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘ Dy’)

order BY SUBSTR(TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘MM/DD/RR HH:MI:SS’),1,5) || TO_CHAR(first_time, ‘ Dy’)


spool archive_log_count.html


spool off


Sample Output:


Hope this helps!

Please feel free to revert back with your feedback of any type – corrections/concerns/clarifications/appreciation.

Best Regards,

Bhavesh Patel



Gujarat, INDIA.

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