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Setup email forward from SAP Inbox to corporate email

This is a very basic tip from the Workflow community perspective, but for most of ordinary SAP business users it is quite far from being obvious.  Therefore I hope it has a good value for general public.

Most of SAP business users would never look up what is sitting in their own SAP Inbox.  Same time there are a number of useful business reports that can be scheduled in the background and their output can be forwarded to SAP Inbox.  Setting this essential link between SAP Inbox and business corporate mail will cover a certain communication gap.

First browse into your SAP Inbox or choose transaction code SBWP:


Next select from the system menu: Settings > Office settings

On the pop-up window select Automatic forwarding tab:


Next click on the new icon and maintain the data accordingly:


Pay specific attention to validity dates, select External address option, and I also recommend to keep the original copy in the SAP Inbox.

Thank you for reading,


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  • I think most companies now use the SO16 settings to have the mails forwarded automatically for everyone, without each user having to do this themselves.

  • Hi, Paulo & Rick.

    It looks exactly what I need, I tried your approach:

    1. defined the Automatic forwarding email;
    2. executed workflow;
    3. arrived the Send email step and email has not been sent.

    I check the SOST transaction and I see that my message is in All Send Requests list with the waiting status: «Wait for communications service». I try to execute the SWN_SELSEN program, but it sends all the emails except this one. The only thing that helps to send the email is to click on Start Send Process for Selection inside the SOST.

    It worth to add, when I'm using Z-developed function based on CL_BCS, everything is working great and sends the email immediately.

    Could you point me what I'm doing wrong in order to use your approach with Automatic forwarding email.


    • Hi Mike,

      Please have a look at Rick's comment, maybe you need SO16 instead.  I am not really an expert here, my core area is functional FICO/PS.  I'd rather post a discussion question.

      Thank you,

  • Is there a way I can achieve this through coding. Supposing I have 2 user ids and their email ids maintained in a Z-table and I want to forward sap inbox mails to their resp email ids during a particular workflow action. What is the best way I can achieve this ?