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Configuration of UI5 based landing page in HR Renewal 2.0(Initial Shipment)

Objective: To configure UI5 based landing page for ESS, MSS, and HR Professional role in EHP 7 using NW 7.4 portal . In this case, we will configure HR Renewal 2.0 (initial shipment). This blog would describe the steps to configure EHP7 roles in portal and resolve the issues faced.

It won’t cover the functional configurations done to make the end functionalities work.

Pre requisites:

You have referred the latest version of HR Renewal administrator guide from SAP Marketplace. -> SAP Business Suite Applications -> SAP ERP Add-Ons-> HR renewal .

You have referred sdn blog by Raja Sekhar Kuncham:

and  Rashmi Singh :

Steps followed:

1)     The list of composite roles to be used:

Role name

Composite role to be used

Employee Self Service


Manager Self Service


HR Professional


             Make sure these composite roles are assigned to users in back-end client.

2)     Upload back-end role in portal as mentioned in link :

To upload ESS role:

To upload MSS role:

To configure HR Renewal Landing page:

     When you upload back-end role to portal , make sure the role is uploaded successfully in portal.

      Refer below mentioned notes in case of issues faced:

             2011251 – Role Upload shows successful status but role is not created

             1685257 – Upload of SAP delivered NWBC Roles to SAP Netweaver Portal

    Once the role is uploaded, assign role to user.

One of the commonly faced issue post uploading role in portal and assigning to user is: “404 Resource not found”. To avoid this error, make sure you do below mentioned steps before uploading composite role to portal:

Copy the PFCG role. In menu tab,append the landing page Web Address with &sapui5=true&sap-theme=sap_goldreflection.

For example, if the web address for the landing page is /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/ARSRVC_SUITE_PB/main.html?page=SPB_LANDING_PAGE then after appending the URL is/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/ARSRVC_SUITE_PB/main.html?page=SPB_LANDING_PAGE&sapui5=true&sap-theme=sap_goldreflection.


3)     Create RFC destination pointing to back-end client.  Ensure the current user check box is ticked.

4)     Ensure that value of Logon Data is maintained as  001 for services highlighted in screenshot below.

Maintain client 001.jpg

5)     For the links in landing page to work, activate below mentioned services:

Use t-code SICF.

Startup Service: /default_host/sap/bc/ui2/start_up

Image Upload Service:/default_host/sap/bc/ui2suite/image

Choose default_host SAP-> bc-> bsp-> sap , select the following services:




Activate the above services (either via right-click of the mouse and Activate Service or in the menu under Service / host Activate )

Choose default_host SAP-> bc-> ui5_ui5-> SAP , select the following services:




Activate the above services (either via right-click of the mouse and Activate Service or in the menu under Service / host Activate)

Choose default_host ->SAP-> public -> bc, select the following services:



Activate the above services (either via right-click of the mouse and Activate Service or in the menu under Service / host Activate)

6)     Create system alias as shown in screenshot below:

             system alias.jpg

7)     Use t-code /iwfnd/maint_service  and activate the following OData services for the Suite Page Builder Catalog:




Make sure all the gateway services mentioned in admin guide for end functionalities are activated. The alias created in step 6 should be used while activating services.

8) In some of the application like Employee Profile, SAP_HCM_PROXY alias is used in LPD_CUST. To make these applications work, create a system object with properties as shown in screen-shot below:


9)     Use SPB admin page to add chips to catalog as per your requirement.


10)  On executing, the landing page, sometimes we do face issues. To analyse issue, use t-code /iwfnd/error_log and check the error logged. For analysis of the error, set the error log level to full and reproduce the issue.


Commonly faced error and resolution detailed below.


Error:  No service found for namespace, name <service name>, version <num>

Solution: Use t-code /iwfnd/maint_service and maintain service   <service name>.

Error:  Data Provider implementation does not exist.

Example: Data Provider implementation ‘ZINTEROP_MODEL_0001_BE’ ’01’ ‘DEFAULT’ does not exist. For additional information about the error, click icon./wp-content/uploads/2015/01/i_630668.jpg

Solution: If only one system alias has been assigned to the corresponding service (check in the IMG activity ->Assign SAP System Aliases to OData Service) .Delete the service completely in transaction /iwfnd/maint_service (Maintain Services ) and then re-create it.


If more than one system alias has been assigned to the service (via IMG activity Assign SAP System Aliases to OData Service) you need to manually create the data provider assignment as well. For this you can use IMG activity Assign Data Provider to Data Model.

Copy the existing entry for the model and replace the software version with version ‘DEFAULT’.


Error: Task Facade not implemented for provider.

Solution: Make sure service for Task Processing is activated. For this IW_PGW ADDON should be installed. System alias as maintained in screenshot below is configured..


Error:     Chip can’t be added to page: HTTP 404: Resource Chip not found.

Solution:  Look into database table  /UI2/CHIP_CHDR following the note 1942166.

                Run report /UI2/CHIP_SYNCHRONIZE_CACHE as per the note.

                Now please try again to run the admin UI.

                If the error still occurs, run report /UI2/CACHE_DELETE and try again.

Error: In MSS role via landing page access Requisition Monitor application (Click on My Team services ->Requisition Monitor ) , Select a candidate and click on “GoTo Questionaire”. It gives  OBN error. ” There is no iview available for system “SAP_ERP_TalentManagement” : object “questionaire” . For more information , contact your adminstrator “. The same functionality works when application is launched via detailed navigation panel.

Solution: The issue was resolved by applying note    2078346 – OBN error for HR renewal requisition

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