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China Golden Audit Report : Income Statement

China Golden Audit Report
As part of SAP China country version rollout SAP provides China Golden Audit Interface (T-Code: S_P6B_12000301) which contains a  bouquet of standard reports to meet China local legal requirement.
This document describes the configuration required for Income statement and Cash flow statement to meet the Chinese local legal requirement.
Note – These reports are available as part of standard package of ECC 6.0 and China country version installation is not a
prerequisite. However, the language version should be installed.
China Golden Audit Report: Income Statement
To meet the Chinese local legal requirement for Income statement the following customization is required:
1. Financial Statement version: A new financial statement version needs to be created to meet the legal requirement as it not provided as part of delivery by SAP. SAP report provides an output based on predefined ITEM KEY’S maintained in the Financial statement versions, so it becomes necessary to maintain Financial Statement with user defined ITEM KEY (in T-Code OB58) as shown in
screen-shot  below:
Each item key in the FSV created should be starting with text ‘P_06_’ followed by a 3 digit number which identifies the internal item id. This format is critical as the program provided by SAP internally checks for the text and internal item id combination and matches it with external item id provided by Chinese authority which would be described in steps below.
2. Customizing tables used by Golden Audit Report: In addition to maintaining the Financial statement version as described above we need to perform certain configuration steps as explained below.
IMG > Financial Accounting > General Ledger Accounting > Business Transactions > Closing > Report > Legal Reporting China
  • Maintain Currency Codes
The following configuration need to be maintained based on the requirement in which language and the currency combination the report would be executed.
  • Maintain report item information

In this step we maintain the relationship between the internal item id (3 digit number maintained in the Financial statement version) with external item id (as provided by Chinese authorities) and the Chinese text that should appear in the report


The first column represents the report number i.e. 6 in case of Income statement. Internal item id flows from FSV where it is maintained as 3 digit number followed by text ‘P_06_’.

The Report Item ID and Report item content are provided by Chinese authorities and this is to be maintained as per the latest PRC GAAP.

  • Maintain Detail Expense Account

In this step we maintain the relationship between the Chinese detail expense account and Chinese first level expense account as required by Chinese authorities


The account number of the Chinese detail expense account to be used, with the corresponding Chinese first level expense account and text, as defined by the Chinese Government.

  • Maintain Map Expense Accounts

In this step we maintain the relationship between the G/L account, Functional Area and Chinese Detail expense account. If we maintain Functional area in financial statement versions then report output would show balance per Chinese detail expense account instead of list of G/L accounts.


Steps for execution of Income Statement –

1. Variant Creation:

Go T.Code – SE38




2. Execution of report




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  • Hi Ritesh,

    It's really good article. But SAP Golden Audit China not a easy tool in Shanghai, I download the file and try to pass the Golden Audit. The download file destroy the software of Shanghai FB. That's horriable and I do not know why.

    If you ever did Golden Audit in Shanghai ,could you teach me how to config Golden Audit?

    Thank you.