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RSBERRORLOG Table – Database Growth

In order to overcome Database Growth issue following activities could be done which includes deletion of unwanted data from RSBERRORLOG table:



NOTE: Do these activities keeping Basis team informed.


        Please execute below programs in background.

  1. Program : RSB_ANALYZE_ERRORLOG  – Helps you to analyze error log table.

       This program is used to analyze the no. of DTP requests which are present in the RSBERRORLOG table.


     DTP Error - Analysis.png

   2.  Program : RSBM_ERRORLOG_DELETE – Helps to delete Error log table data.

              This program is used to delete the error logs generated by the various DTPs.     

              On executing the above program, the below screen appears wherein the technical name of the DTP for which logs are to be deleted is to be                  entered. Also the date range can be provided for which the logs needs to be deleted.

          DTP Error - Deletion.png

            After providing the proper input( DTP technical name and date range) the program needs to be executed in the background:

             DTP Error Log - Deletion 2.png


After RSBERRORLOG deletion activity ask Basis team to regenerate indexes of this table.


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