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New SAP Notes and KBA’s for common Solution Manager Diagnostics issues

January 2015

Outside Discovery

  • Problem: Software Component not found
    2103078 – Outside Discovery: Software Component Version for host is missing due to error ‘Software Component not found’
  • Problem: Wrong IP address in the Outside Discovery on Windows
    1841151 Windows Server 2012 (and higher) – different NIC order
  • Problem: Outside Discovery Troubleshooting Guide did not refelect the fact that the Landscape Browser cannot be openend anymore like in previous versions
    1611483 New Outside Troubleshooting Guide has been added for SP12

  Diagnostics Agent Problem

  • Problem: Diagnostics Agents fail to connect with certificate authentication
    2020219  Solution Manager 7.1 SP Stack 12: recommended corrections
    2013578 SMDAgent cannot connect to the Solman using certificate based method – Solman 7.10 SP11/SP12

        2121375 SMDAgents Cannot Connect After a SolMan Upgrade 


  • 2071100  Introscope 9.5 Release Notes

  Extractor Framework

  • Problem: Dumps to conversion problem
    2114282  ST-A/PI 01R*: CX_SY_CONVERSION_CODEPAGE dump in /SSF/PACK

February 2015

Extractor Framework


Managed System Configuration

  • Problem: Error “No instances could be loaded from landscape for <SID>/ABAP” during the Managed System Configuration
    2133135 No instances could be loaded from landscape for <SID>/ABAP

Host Analysis

  • Problem: Files with no extensions cannot be accessed with the File System Browser in the Host Analysis application
    2105351 File System Browser: Cannot access files content when files have no extension

March 2015


  • Problem: Introscope tuning
    2144638 Enterprise Manager have a long SmartStor duaration
    2137746 Enterprise Manager have a long harvet duartion

Managed System Configuration

  • Problem:  No server is running when performing the connection test
    214699 Step Enter System Parameters
  • Problem: HTTP 401 when the Diagnostics Agent tries to contact the SAP Control Service of the Managed System
    1939330 SMD Agent is not able to connect the SAPStartSrv service of the Managed System

Extractor Framework

  • Problem: Grey metrics in Technical Monitoring
    2057141 Grey Metrics in Technical Monitoring

Self Diagnosis

  • Problem: Unexpected error occurred with Diagnostics Central Note
    2105798 Self-Diagnosis shows error message ‘An unexpected error occured’ with SubAlert name ‘Diagnostics Central Note’

April 2015

Solman Setup

  • Problem: Activity SSO Setup fails in the Basic Configuration failed
    2148488 – SOLMAN_SETUO: Basic Configuration – Activity ‘SSO Setup’ fails with error “User is not authorized to access Configuration Manager”

Self Diagnosis

  • Problem: Alert 00197 Error for Resource ConfigGlobal.xml on robot <robot name>
    2149922 – Errors found for EEM Java Repository – Error for Resource ConfigGlobal.xml on robot <robot name>


  • Problem: The capacity for the collectors is not displayed
    2155416 – Capacity for Enterprise Manager Collectors is not available in step Configure CA Introscope of the Basic Configuration
  • Problem: The CA Enterprise Manager needs to be sized correctly in order to avoid loss of KPI’s. The attached tool can analyse the Enterprise Manager’s perflog.txt file to identify performance problems
    2156320 – EM Perflog Analyzer Tool
  • Problem: Missing Garbage collection data in the Workload Analysis / EWA
    2156918 – Full Garbage Collection / JVM data is missing in Introscope

May 2015

Solman Setup

  • Problem: Web service setup problem
    2151624 – Web service invocation problem caused by Unsupported xstream found (“HTTP Code 502 : notresolvable”) during SOLMAN_SETUP

Managed System Configuration

  • Problem: The Technical System is missing during the Managed System Configuration
    2154489 – The
  • definition of Technical System ‘<SID~type>’ is not correct: <host name> must have at least one Installed Technical System
  • Problem: Error: “On this server, no client software is available for” during the setup of the DBA Cockpit connection

        2161384 – Enter System Parameters: “On this server, no client software is available for … “


  • Problem: – Introscope Enterprise Manager showing offline with error 503
    2161091 – Introscope Enterprise manager showing offline with error 503 in default trace and “/sapquery/status java.lang.IllegalStateException: Committed” in logs – Solution Manager 7.10

Extractor Framework

  • Problem: ABAP Dumps

       2162550 – SAP Solution Manager 7.10 shows ABAP dumps CREATE DATA: The specified type /BI0/V0SM_SIZES2 is no valid data type.

Agent Framework

  • Problem: Diagnostics Agent on the fly don’t start

       2151975 – Diagnostic Agents on-the-fly do not start

  • Problem: Inaccurate metrics and error:”java.lang.ArithmeticException: / by zero” in the Diagnostics Agent log

       2134845 – Introscope Host Adapter OS Level metrics via SAPCIMProvider

  • Problem: IThe technical system status in LMDB contains errors like “Value not allowed by VALUEMAP for property SAP_ComputerSystem.OpSysCategory:”LINUX”.”

       2136301 – Technical system status error in LMDB: mapping operating system names from host agent to LMDB

Diagnostics Agent

  • Problem: After upgrading the Diagnostics Agent’s SAP JVM to 6.1.072 or above there are grey metrics in System Monitoring

        2142276 – Grey Metrics in System Monitoring after Agent JVM upgrade

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