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What’s your thought for this list of transactions, tables, reports …/.. ?


How often does it happen that we look for this odd transaction or table or report that we just need once in a while? Or new starters in CRM need to get familiar with common transactions.

In support we intend to amend the list of below link with all CRM areas and some Cross application and ECC details.

Here the link:

Transactions, tables, reports and tools in the CRM environment – good to know – CRM – SCN Wiki

This only a starting point so the list is of course still to be amended in several areas.

Your feedback is very much appreciated.

Thank you


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    • Hi Stephen,

      The idea is to have pretty much all the transactions, tables (at least the main ones) and helpful reports and tools. As I am based in SAP Support the approach is that my colleagues will amend their transactions../... details.  The list is aiming to find the off details in a Cross application context or for beginners in CRM who look for the odd detail they are not familiar with.

      Of course any feedback is welcome and if it appears there are gaps in documentation we are happy to help.


      Best regards


      • Well since SAP CRM really hasn't been t-code based except for middleware monitoring..I'm not sure how helpful a list of t-codes are except for that area.

        On the tables... well based on my experience.. it's a lot easier to read/access data via FM/API rather than direct table access, but they are still good to know.  One Order is pretty daunting for beginners... so more information around this would be a good focus.

        That being said I applaud you trying to put together a free resource on SCN that does this listing.  I know how difficult this can be after I wrote a book focused on the CRM data model and development of CRM enhancements below the UI layer.

        Take care,


  • I actually find these lists disturbing, because they always appear if one searches with the transaction code to find a solution for his problem, You open it in the hope to find something valuable and just get a list with hundreds of transaction codes.

    I am really someone who uses the search quite often and it annoys me every time when I open such document or wiki.

    • Thank you Juergen,

      As an alternative I can consider an attached document instead of displaying the list directly in SCN. This would allow to avoid unnecessary results with searches.

      Brest regards - Christophe