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SAP on IBM i – Update week 4 2015: PTF MF59648 required on POWER8 hardware with IBM i 7.1

We recently discovered some serious issues when trying to perform SAP software upgrades using SL Toolset 1.0 at support package stack 11 or higher on POWER8 hardware with IBM i 7.1. The problems did not happen when running on older hardware, or when running on POWER8 with IBM i 7.2. The problem could also happen when running an SAP application server Java with a recent patch level of SAPJVM.

PTF 5770999-MF59648 was provided and marked “HIPER” (High Impact/Pervasive) by IBM to solve these problems.

Before attempting any SAP upgrade with IBM POWER8 and IBM i 7.1, it is critical to load and apply PTF 5770999-MF59648.  No special action is necessary if you are running IBM i 7.2. As always, prior to making any major changes in your SAP environment, we recommend updating PTF levels to what is found in the SAP info apar for your IBM i release level.

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