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Today we are pleased to announce the release of version 1.26 of the VBM library shipped as part of SAPUI5!

With this version we introduce the GeoMap control, which aims to hide the complexity of the JSON interface of the VBI control.

Using the GeoMap control you declare Visual Objects in the usual SAPUI5 syntax as aggregations including model binding support:

var oVBI = new sap.ui.vbm.GeoMap(‘vbi’, {

    width : “100%”,

    height: 512,

    vos: [ new sap.ui.vbm.Spots( “spots1”, {

                             items: { path : “/Spots”,

                                          template: new sap.ui.vbm.Spot(  {

                                                            text: ‘{key}’,

                                                            position: ‘{pos}’,

                                                            tooltip: ‘{tooltip}’,

                                                            image: ‘{pin}’,

                             }  )

            } } ) ]


You find an editable example in the 1.26 SAPUI5 SDK – Demo Kit. This sample uses a simple JSON model, which you may edit on the fly. Of cause the control works also with other model, e.g. oData models.

The first version does not yet support all features of the VBI control, but we work hard to catch up. We hope the new control will ease the use of Visual Business in the UI5 environment.

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        1. Former Member

          In principle this is possible. Visual Business needs 

          1. A rest service
          2. A quad key interface

          to access the maps.   

          You have to download the tiles and store them on a webserver.

          Then you can change the URL scheme to the new server address.

          see here

          and here for a more general article (ABAP only)

          We also implemented a service for retrieving the settings from the backend in a
          UI5 application. Please drop us a note then we can publish the details.

          1. Former Member

            Hi ,


            Where can i download the tiles ?

            Is it going to be embedded in the next versions so we can use it localy ( off line) ?

            What do you mean by a note  ?  To open OSS with the above detail?

            1. Former Member

              I meant that your have to download the tiles and store them on your own web server.

              This works with the current version.

              sorry for the confusion with the note – just reply and mention it here.

                1. Former Member

                  yes, this is possible. In principle every map provider can allow this in their terms and conditions but you to check and then you have to download the images.

                2. Uwe Reimitz Post author

                  Hi Arie,

                  I think under the source you mentioned you can download the source DB with the vector information, but not the rendered tiles/images. This would be much more data. Therefore I think the only suitable approach when download tiles is to either restrict the zoom level, e.g. to LOD 5 = 1024 tiles vs. LOD 10 = 1048576 tiles, or the map section.

                  Cheers Uwe    

                  1. Former Member

                    Thanks Uwe ,

                    I reviewed several geo map sites and didn’t find any option to download the images.

                    Did you ever downloaded the pictures/ tiles  ?



                      1. Former Member

                        Hi Uwe,

                        I couldn’t find any sources to download the tiles.

                        Do you know if in the future versions the tiles will be part of the library sources ?



  1. Former Member

    Hello Uwe,

    I am using webide on HCP (trial version) and when i try to inlcude geomap from controls tab. In properties i am not seeing map configuration. All other properties i am able to see. 
    Is it becuase of the trial version or something i am missing?

    Thanks for your help


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