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Here are explanations of redirection change of dbisqlc.


After upgrading to IQ15.4, redirection output is empty when using dbisqlc like below.

> dbisqlc -c dsn=xxx -q “select @@version” > output.log

> ls -al output.log — 0 byte (empty) output is generated.


An Output redirection in dbisqlc was changed in IQ 15.2 ESD#3 (CR# 679284).


From 15.2 ESD#3 SQL “output redirection” should be managed with the “>&” syntax instead of “>” at the command line like below.

> dbisqlc -c dsn=xxx -q “select @@version >& output.log”

        A dbisql redirection’s has not been changed, and dbisqlc is deprecated.

        Recommend to use a dbisql not dbisqlc.

If you want to redirect to output file with input file,
you need to use a read statement and enclose the input/output file with double qoute symbol.
And need to change the redirect from > to >& like below.

> dbisqlc -c dsn=xxx -q -nogui “read input.sql >& output_file”


select @@version;

An output_file is generated with above way like below.

[hpita:/gjang]dbisqlc -c dsn=hpita_iqdemo -q -nogui “read a.sql >& a.log”

[hpita:/gjang]cat a.log
  ‘SAP IQ/ 11.31/64bit/2015-01-05 12:04:21’


** dbisqlc Interactive SQL Classic Utility (Deprecated)  –IQ15.4 Utility Guide

(SyBooks Online)


Gi-Sung Jang

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