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Preview of SAP API Management powered by HANA Analytics in the SAP Cloud


Released to customers on September 15th 2014, the 1.0 version of SAPs On-Premise API Management solution has generated a great deal of interest from customers large and small. We created a technical demo video to give a basic overview of how the system works, and what it is capable of.

Now that the Beta program of SAPs In-Cloud API Management solution has been made available for customers to participate in, we thought it was time to generate another Technical demo video, in order to demonstrate the current capabilities of the Cloud version, and highlight some of the unique features it brings to API Management.

For a sneak peak under the hood of SAPs In-Cloud API Management solution, view the video on youtube here:

Demo Flow

API Proxy creation & App Development

In our demo, we walk through the full end2end discovery, creation and exposure process. The first part starts with generating an API Proxy for an existing backend service, and adding control policies to it, for the API Administrator perspective; then the second part deals with accessing the Developer Portal to generate an API Key and get access to the available data, for the App Developer perspective.

1-19-2015 12-09-56 PM.png

1-19-2015 12-10-59 PM.png

API Administrator

1. Add API Proxy to API Management

(02:00) We begin by adding an API Proxy for a Service from a connected Backend system.

1-19-2015 1-20-24 PM.png

(03:05) After adding the Service from the Backend system, we select the operations to made available in the API Proxy.

1-19-2015 1-23-14 PM.png

2. Add API Key

(04:45) Lastly, we add control policies to the API Proxy, in order to direct who can access the data and in what manner.

1-19-2015 1-26-48 PM.png

3. Add API Proxy to Product

(06:10) After creating the API Proxy, we create a Product.

1-19-2015 1-31-30 PM.png

(06:20) We then add one or more APIs to the Product. The Product will be exposed to the App Developers.

1-19-2015 1-57-14 PM.png

APP Developer

1. Create an App based on an exposed Product

(08:30) We create an Application in the Developer Portal view.

1-19-2015 1-37-36 PM.png

(08:43) We simply select one or more exposed Products to add to the App, in order to create an API Key which will allow the Developer to access the backend services.

1-19-2015 1-40-45 PM.png

2. Testing the API Key

(09:25) To ensure that they Developer is able to access data as expected, we then open the API Test Console, to run a test connection using the API Key provided by the App, and the connection info automatically provided by the test console.

1-20-2015 11-01-35 AM.png


Lastly we look briefly at the Analytics information provided by the API Management system, all of which is updated in real-time by HANA.

1. Analytics Dashboard

(10:52) A look at the overview screen of what is happening in the system

1-20-2015 11-07-55 AM.png

2. Creating custom Analytics Charts

(11:40) Here we create a custom chart and pin it to the Custom view. This allows us to monitor only the things that actually matter to us, in real-time.

1-20-2015 11-09-40 AM.png

With this, you have seen the highlights of SAPs Beta In-Cloud API Management system. Contact information points provided at the end of the video (13:15).

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      Author's profile photo R. Eijpe
      R. Eijpe

      Very Nice blog and good explanation of the value of API management

      Author's profile photo Syam Babu
      Syam Babu


      Well explanation with screenshots 🙂 .

      Is there any trail version is available API management with HCP.



      Author's profile photo Elijah Martinez
      Elijah Martinez
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Syam,

      Currently there is no API Management trial available with the HCP Developer trial. SAP does offer a limited-time limited-seat trial landscape for SAP API Management on HCP, but it must be arranged through a customers rep.

      Hope that helped.



      Author's profile photo Syam Babu
      Syam Babu it 🙂 ..Thanks for info