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Signavio Integration with Solution Manager 7.1 (SP12) ( Solman Connector ) – How To


You are interested in the integrations of your solution Manager with the Signavio editor but during your integrations you have difficulties with the setting up your signavioconnector propoertes file.

User Guide for integration you can find in the Signavio online help  documentations where you have detail  descriptions how to implement the link between your SAP Solution Manager and Signavio SAP Solution Manager Connector 7.1.

My bog will help you just with the additional explanation of the User Guide sections which I’ve found not clear  during my integration effort.

In the User Guide online documentation  starting on  the sections  5.   there is difference in SP12 screens . It  differs from the online User Guide  documentations !

Sectiuon 5 part:


5.The Signavio SAP Solution Manager 7.1 Connector uses the BSI Enterprise Services (SOAP web service) to communicate with the SAP Solution Manager. This web service has to be enabled and configured before the connector can work properly:

a.Logon to your SAP GUI and start transaction se80.

b.Search for the package BSI_SERVICE_API:


in SP12 there is different screens for the BSI enterprise Services therefore please follow my blog in order to make your integrations properly.

If you will follow User guide in section f.  (f. Open the tab Transportation Settings and find the URL of the service binding. Please store the URL for later usage when configuring the connector. ) you will find that  URL from the section f. is missing:


In SP12  BSI Enterprise Services (SOAP web service)  looks a bit different. In order to get requested URL you should go

In SOAMANAGER follow steps:


on the next screen you will get URL you are looking for:


The above URL should be later used in your solmanconnector PROPERTIES files in the signavio HOME directory on your solman host. My URL example is following:


in order to fill out your solmanconnector properties file you must derive two parameteres from your WDSL URL Link:

solman.bsiservice.binding            =  /100/signavioconnect/binding_1

solman.bsiservice.endpoint          =   /sap/bc/srt/rfc/sap/bsiprojectdirectroyinterface 


To find out what is wrong with your solman connector the best place where to look is in the log file of the signavio HOME installation directory. The log file is located in the log directory!


in order to be able to sync your signavio editor content with your solman projects after each  restart you solution manager server –  you have to repeat step 8) from the Signavio SAP Solution Manager Connector 7.1.  user guide!!!


     8.Run the setup:

          In this step the connector establishes an Oauth connection to the Signavio Process Editor and asks for the a Signavio user to authenticate against the      Signavio Process Editor.    

Proceed as follows:


if you have questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Boris Milosevic

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      Author's profile photo Raquel Pereira da Cunha
      Raquel Pereira da Cunha

      Hi Boris,

      thanks for the tip about the integration with SP12.

      How is your experience using Signavio with SolMan?

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Boris Milosevic
      Boris Milosevic
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Raquel,

      follow my SCN  blogs and  soon you will have results what  Signavio can do in relation with Solman.

      I made same blog for the ARIS solman relationship. You can check  it on the SCN  link !



      Author's profile photo Raquel Pereira da Cunha
      Raquel Pereira da Cunha


      Looking forward to your next blogs 😉



      Author's profile photo Katja Hubl
      Katja Hubl

      Hello Boris,

      first of all thanks for that helpful blog, because we are using also SP12. I have another issue as well, maybe you were facing the same problem. In the log file I get the following error, when I start the connector setup in the Internet Explorer and trying to do the authorization (and the authorization is not opening):

      16:32:20,050  INFO ( - Loading KeyStore

      16:32:20,071  INFO ( - {"downloaded
      CAs":"","is CA trusted by
      connector":"true","SSL handshake

      Do you know which certificate has to be added to the keystore?

      Thanks in advance,