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What’s New in SAP Lumira 1.22 (summary)

Happy New Year Everyone!

And what better way to wish you a fantastic start of the new year than the latest updates of SAP Lumira 1.22.  SAP Lumira 1.22 comes with a lot of capabilities that you (and I) have been eagerly waiting for. So I will get right into it.

0. Opening.PNG

To summarize the key highlights,

1. Summary.PNG

and I am pretty certain that this is the longest list of highlights since Sapphire 2014.

I recently published the latest revision of the SAP Lumira product road map on SMP. In that road map document, we communicated our plans and updates on how we intend to provide Lumira available for all types, sizes, and stages of deployments.  On-premise deployment option road map is summarized to something like the below:

10. Lumira Server road map.PNG

We are all very excited to release the first version of Lumira Server for Team.  This edition is formally branded under SAP Lumira, Edge.  SAP Lumira Edge will have two variations:

1. Lumira Server for Team – this is a standalone installation without requiring SAP HANA or BI platform for use within teams, departments and small to medium business. They are intended to be installed and administrated with little or no dependency on a separate IT group. The first version of this edition is what we are releasing together with SAP Lumira 1.22!

2. Lumira Server for Edge BI – Lumira Server add-on to BI platform will be supported for both Enterprise BI and Edge BI.  This is planned for near future.

We installed Lumira Server for Team for our product management on VMware Windows OS image. It took 13 minutes. I found the UI work a little better with Chrome browser.  We plan to release additional enhancements and expand platform support over the course of 2015.  Our biggest focus at the moment for near term road map is making Lumira refreshable against more data sources.

2. Edge.PNG

I believe we are making Lumira Server for Teams available for trial. Please stay tuned for more announcements on SCN and SAP Lumira website at, and check out the latest blog by Henry Banks

Lumira Cloud and Lumira Edge help sharing insights to your teams and groups easier. You can now easily create and manage groups and subgroups. See the detailed blog by Jay Xiong

3. Group management.PNG

If nothing else, definitely try creating a story with Lumira infographic option.  Not only does it come with more templates to get you started right away, creating a nicely laid out board is easier than ever before.

4. infographic.PNG

And to finish off your story, add text objects that can dynamically reflect the latest information. For detailed information, check out this great blog by Christina Obry

5. Dynamic text.PNG

Are you done creating your story? Are you happy? You probably want to share it with other Lumira lovers on Lumira Server or Cloud. But if you want to quickly share it and not sure if the person has immediate access to Lumira, export your story to PDF format and BAM! send it off. From the PDF file you can also print your story if you need to. Kai Chan shares more details in his blog.

6. Export.PNG

Based on our regular review of SAP Lumira Idea Place, we are happy to finally deliver the ability to delete Lumira documents from Lumira Desktop. The idea collected resounding 50 votes and you are right. It’s time we improved it.

7. Delete document.PNG

We make sharing and maintaining Lumira documents to BI platform easier. From Lumira Desktop, set your server location in the Preference page and choose File > Save As to save your document to BIplatform. Note that this workflow is new in that it allows you to save the entire document (.lums file) to the BI platform without the need for Lumira add-on, Lumira Server, and SAP HANA.  It also is different from what is supported for Lumira add-on today in that it does not save datasets or visualizations separately.  To open the Lumira document you do need Lumira Desktop, whether you open the document obtained from BI launch pad or logged on to BI platform from within Lumira Desktop.

8. Save to BI platform.PNG

Hello to our friends in Hungary! We have translated Lumira to Magyar.  For deploying Lumira Server on SAP HANA SP9 or connecting Lumira to SAP HANA SP9, please ensure to consult respective Product Availability Matrix and documentation.  SAP HANA SP9 has not yet reached Datacenter Service Point (DSP). SAP HANA Revision Strategy explains how you should plan your HANA deployment for production.

9. platform.PNG

This is what I have to say today.  I am sure there will be more tutorials, detailed blogs and user testimonials to come. Looking forward to your experience with the latest SAP Lumira and SAP Lumira, Edge.

We are warming up for our race to 2015 Sapphire. Rest assured that you will see a lot of great innovations from SAP Lumira team this year!


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  • Hi, Sharon,

    It's indeed a very nice startup for 2015 and great news from SAP Lumira team.

    Hope to read even more posts from you during this year 🙂 .

    Best regards,

    Donatas Budrys

    • H Benedict

      Sorry for the late reply.  It's been a very busy week! 😎

      The answer would depend on where you refresh from. For example if you are refresh in Lumira Desktop and the dataset has updated value, refreshing Infographic would pick that up.

      Refresh for universe data source is in the context of Lumira within BI platform. In this case yes it is still restricted to universe data source at this time. We are actively working on refresh against other data connectivity. It is in our near term backlog.



  • Folks! I am curious! What is your favourite enhancement in 1.22? Would love to know after you have had a chance to try. 🙂  

  • Great job Lumira Team for the updates in the new version.

    Is there functionality for gauge charts available now or being planned to be added in the future?



  • Sounds excellent Sharon!  But to clear this up for me a little...I have an SAP BI Platform (no universes) connecting to SAP BW via an OLAP connection.  If I were to install the Lumira Server for Edge BI add-on to my BI Platform...I would then be able to open up (or create and save to BI Platform) a Lumira object and use/refresh it using a BEx query over a BW Multiprovider?  Other than Lumira desktop, no need for any other install or server?

    Kind regards,


    • Hi,

      Right now, the BW - Lumira integration integration story is incomplete: the desktop can only 'visualise' BW BEx queries in an online mode. (no compose, no share)  - this is being revamped heavily in the first half of this year. it'll be re-engineered to be a 'download from bw'  so that we can support the missing end-to-end workflows.

      Yes, We do have a Lumira Server Add-On for BIPlatform, but currently this is only for Lumira Server (on HANA) use-cases. But we are looking to change that very soon! (see above)

      Currently,  Lumira Server Edge   has no integration with BIPlatform yet.  this is planned.  BIP and Lumira Edge are currently 2 seperate stacks, and the Add-On doesn't exist yet between them.  again, we are looking to deliver this before H2 .

      Right now, Lumira Server (on HANA) only supports 'server-side refreshes' of HANA-based artifacts.  That is to say, for all other connection types, you'd need to update the dataset via desktop and then refresh dependent files.  On the flip-side, Lumira Edge Server only supports 'server-side refreshes' of FreehandsSQL MSSQL sources, so there's a lot of functionality to deliver yet!

      Today, you could feasibly use Deskop, connect to BW, visualise, save the document, and export to Lumira Edge Server - but the results wouldn't be viewable online.  You'd have to download to desktop and view it locally. this is an acknowledged limitation in this initial 1.0 release.  BTW, as of BI4.1 SP5 and Lumira SP22, it possible to save the .lums file to BIPlatform (as a storage area, no viewing capabilities) without any addon at all.

      I very much like your vision to re-use the centralised OLAP connections maintained in BIPlatform. I hope this is the case when it is implemented. I'm also very much looking forward to having an interactive crosstab in lumira too. (this is planned)

      i agree, this is confusing. But rest assured, Lumira wants to be all things to all people, for all deployment types, for all sources. and we're getting there fast. this is going to be a big year.



      • Thanks for the thorough response  H,

        One more question:  If I had BI4.1.5 and two Lumira SP22 desktops and saved a .lums file that I created connecting to BW to the launch pad with one Lumira desktop...then opened from another Lumira desktop...could that connection be refreshed to BW?  Kinda like Analysis for Office...

        Kind regards,


        • Yes, it would work:  the document would open in desktop 2, then would prompt user 2 for the password.   the system info would be stored in the document definition, but the usr/pwd would have to be confirmed by the 2nd user before it fetched the online data .

  • Good day!

    I would like to ask if there is a link for the download of the SAP lumira 1.22 version as I would like to test its integration with Lumira Edge. I have already installed the latest Lumira Desktop but it has no network preferences with Lumira Edge.

    Thank you in advance.