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SAP to speak about PowerBuilder

I recently spoke with Dirk Boessmann, Senior Vice President, Mobile Development at SAP, and current head of PowerBuilder.

He will speak at the next PBTV Webcast about the ongoing process to build a sustainable operation basis for PB.

He may also join us at the Charlotte conference in May to further speak about SAP’s plan for PB.

We invite those wanting to encourage SAP to take action, to register for the webcast and show their support for PowerBuilder.

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  • Hi Christophe;

      Interesting news .. thanks!

    PS: Unfortunately, the PBTV website is blocked here at the Canadian Government.   🙁

    Regards ... Chris

  • A quick update for the webcast tomorrow:

    We’ve got over 600 people registered to attend and 5 speakers lined up including Dirk Boessmann from SAP, Matt Balent, Gian Luca de Bonis and Armeen Mazda!

    We look forward to sharing with you the latest news on PowerBuilder tomorrow at 10AM EST / 16H CET. If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so on PowerBuilder TV

  • Thank you to Christophe for organising the session and for pressing for an answer.

    It was disappointing that SAP had not done enough homework to make any specific announcement.

    I for one listened in at 2 in the morning. Not sure if I was expecting something historic...

    Dirk did "speak" but all I heard was: Everything is on the table... which in German is "alles auf den Tisch legen" and in Danish "lægge kortene på bordet" and in English should have been "transparent" or "open" as in not hiding anything. The thing is; if you are not showing anything and not hiding anything, what are you saying.

    Thank again Christophe and the 600 plus Would be Charlies.