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Real Time Refresh on Webi Report

Applies to:

BO 4.0/4.1/3.0/3.1 versions

Summary :

This document gives you an idea on how to achieve Real time Refresh on Webi Reports using browser extensions with minimal effort.

Author :Venkata Surya S R Beesetty

Company: Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt Ltd

Created on : 5th Jan,2015


Author BIO:

Venkata Surya is currently working as  a Senior Associate in Cognizant. He has 9+ years of experience in information Management and Business Intelligence Projects.

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4.Step by Step Process.

    4.1.Adding the required Add-on to the Google Chrome Browser

    4.2.Chrome Browser Settings

    4.3.Schedule the report

    4.4.Open the required report using Opendoc URL

    4.5.Setting the Refresh Interval on the browser

1.Introduction: Most of the users want BO report data to be refreshed without any manual intervention. This is required when user maintain couple of reports for TV/Monitor Display. As this feature is not readily available in the current BO Version, we used the browser extensions to achieve real time refresh with minimal effort.

2.Scenario: User has a report which he wants to display on big screens to assess the information on minute by minute basis. Scheduling will not help completely as user needs to manually open the report to view the latest data.

So here we used Report Scheduling feature together with Chrome browser extension “Easy Auto Refresh” feature to achieve real time refresh of BO Reports.


  1. Recommended Browser: Any latest version of Google Chrome
  2. Additional Add-on for Chrome to achieve auto-refresh: Can be downloaded from link

Note: The above link should be opened only from Chrome browser

  3.   Change in Chrome Browser Settings.

  4.   BO report scheduled on which we want to implement real time refresh.

4.Step by Step Process:

4.1 Adding the required Add-on to the Google Chrome Browser:

a) Open the Chrome browser.

b) Paste the below link in the browser :

c) Once the site opens, Click on ‘Free’ to have the add-on as shown in Figure 1.


d) Post  add on, you should see the refresh icon in chrome browser on the extreme right top corner. Refer Figure 2.


4.2. Chrome Browser Settings: we need to change the below settings in the chrome Browser. This is to prevent the pop ups during real time refresh

a)Click on the icon on the extreme right top corner. Refer Figure 3

b) Go to Settings:

  Figure 3.JPG

c) Click on Show Advanced settings : Refer Figure 4

Figure 4.JPG

d) Click on Content Settings :Refer Figure 5

Figure 5.JPG

e) Go to Pop-ups and click on Mange exceptions: Refer Figure 6

   Figure 6.JPG

f) Add the Webi report document URL ( it takes only server name & port details)and set the status to “Block”.Refer Figure 7

Figure 7.JPG

g) Close the google chrome browser and restart the browser to enable these settings.

4.3. Schedule the report: Schedule the required BO report on which the real time refresh needs to be implemented. (Here the report is scheduled for every 1 min)

4.4. Open the required report using Opendoc URL: Refer below for the syntaxFigure 7a.JPG

where AQZJYS600qtIpFLJLCiq31Uis the CUID of the webi report in BO 4.0

4.5. Setting the Refresh Interval on the browser:

a) Once the report in step 4 opens, set the refresh interval by clicking on the refresh icon as shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8.JPG

b)Set the interval as per the requirement and click start. In this example it is set to 120 seconds as shown below. Refer Figure 9

Figure 9.JPG

c) The report should get refresh for the interval set. i.e for every 120 seconds in this example.

In this way, we achieved the real time refresh on BO Webi Reports

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