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It’s here! SAP Lumira Edge Server

Hi Everyone,

I’m so happy that SAP Lumira Edge Server has been released to customer!  Here’s a quick overview of what we have with this initial 1.0 shipment:

This is an on-premise edition of Lumira Server for smaller teams: The Lumira Edge Server edition brings the power of a new, embedded, lightweight, in-memory acceleration engine called Velocity, whilst running on commodity hardware. This standalone server product is typically suited to Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) & Lines of Business (LoBs) and is aimed at use-cases that consume smaller datasets and have lower complexity.

  • It’s quick to download at 660 Mb zipped. Once installed, the footprint on disk is 2 GB, so it’s small & cheap to host.


  • The server-side installation itself takes about 5 minutes, and is super-easy as there’s only 1 input screen!


  • Post-installation, there’s almost no configuration at all, and the administration is minimal.


  • The Administrator creates Users from the Members screen, defines their Role (end-user / admin), then license Type (concurrent / named):


  • The Administrator defines Groups for the various teams of Users:


  • The Administrator assigns Users to Groups:


  • Only an Administrator can end sessions from their console. Also change licenses and restart the server from the Maintenance screen:


  • When Users log-on, they can view shared Lumira documents online:


  • Users can edit & visualize documents online. They can also Compose stories & infographics over the web:


  • Desktop installations will need to be pointed to the Edge server, via the Preferences screen:


  • Local desktop documents can be saved (uploaded) from the desktop client, to the Lumira Edge Server repository:


  • Saved documents can then be downloaded again from server for desktop usage, or shared with other team mates via the server:


  • To download the software, please visit and follow the path: Analytics -> Lumira Team Server -> Lumira Team Server 1.0 -> download object 51049398.


    1. User and Admin guide (combined in one):
    2. Release Restrictions:
  • A 5-minute recorded demonstration of Lumira Edge can be found here:

I guess all i need to say now is, Happy visualizing!  We @SAP can’t wait to hear your feedback on the product, we are listening.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions on this blog, or alternatively, please open up a discussion thread in the Lumira forum.



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  • Hello Henry,

    can the Lumira Team Server be installed on a Windows Server already hosting a SAP System (ABAP Stack)? The admin guide only states that SAP Lumira Desktop, SAP Lumira, Edge edition, and other SAP Business Objects Enterprise Clients can exist on the same system.

    Regards Wolfgang

    • Hi,

      that’s more a question of solution architecture, rather than one of compatibility .

      i’m sure it is ‘possible’, if the O/S is compliant and sizing requirements are met.  However, how the I/O from these 2 stacks might interfere with each other is a arguably a bit of a gamble.

      It’s all down to your personal preference, of course, as well as feasibility. I answered a similar question over here recently:



      • Hello Henry, Denis,

        I’d say I’ll give it a try. Since it is only for test purpose and I assume one can deinstall Lumira team server leaving no traces…



        • I think for test non-prod deployments rules are completely different – anything goes ๐Ÿ™‚

          But “deinstall… leaving no traces…” — needs to be tested. I’m not sure if it removes itself clean.

          • Yes, there is a need for improvement with the de-install process. For exmaples, I think the filestores (FRS) are left untouched after Uninstallation.

          • Hi Henry & Denis,

            Yes the Uninstall doesn’t touch the FRS, and as that’s user content..Uninstall removes the binaries and the mentions of the product from ARP etc..It leaves the user artifacts as is, if user doesn’t need it and is critical of space, can remove those manually post uninstallation.

        • Just a word of caution – if this ‘test’ is for an internal POC or evaluation, and performance/responsiveness is terrible due to factors outside our control … our product will get a bad name with your user community! ๐Ÿ™‚  

    • Hi,

      If you search and cannot find download object: 51049398

      .. then presumably your license agreement doesn’t cover it, or you need additional permissions to access that area of the download portal.

      I’d recommend you check out the FAQ here  see line “I don’t see the product or software that I need. What should I do?”


  • Henry,

    You mention at the start of this blog TeamServer is aimed at small deployments for example SME, LOB.   What volume of users and content will Team Sever scale to?

    Admins,Content Creators and Information Consumers for example?


    • Hi,

      At this time, the only information i have had confirmed is this:

      • Lumira Team Server will have the same ‘cap’ as BI Edge, that is to say:  100 NUL + 50 CSBL
      • About the sizing, I don’t have anything that can be externalised yet, but we will be publishing that information soon.



  • Hello Henry,

    I’ve installed Lumira Desktop 1.22 and created a LUMS based on a SAP BW infoprovider. Afterwards, I’ve published it successfully to the Lumira Team Server.

    However, when launching the Lumira Team Server UI and double-click the corresponding entry, an error message “There was an error opening this document! You are not allowed to open this document”.

    What’s the right channel to raise issues? SAP marketplace,, ?

    Thanks & regards


    • Hi.

      neither will be necessary, as that’s a known limitation (documented in release restrictions). FYI support martket place incindents is the only route for fixes.

      the bw implementation is currently being redesigned and will be re-released in Q2 which will support full end to end workflows for all stacks and all functionalities.



      • Hi Henry,

        I didn’t find this limitation in the document for the release restrictions, however, if you say that this will be available in Q2 then that’s fine for me.

        Is there a more detailled product roadmap available for the edge server containing the release dates for patches and new versions as well as planned features (roadmap)?



        • good catch, the release restrictions didn’t reflect this Bw limitation. It should have been, it was important feedback from our validation. the documentation team have been asked to republish

        • Wolfgang,

          I’ve been made aware that this limitation is not documented in release restrictions, but instead found in the user guide

          See section : 6.1 Saving a Document from SAP Lumira Desktop to SAP Lumira, Edge edition. -> Section 4 -> Note:

          • If you save a document with any of these datasets: HANA Online (Connect to SAP HANA), SAP Business Warehouse, then opening of these documents are not supported in SAP Lumira, Edge edition.
          • If you save a document with Customized charts as DA extensions, VIZ extensions, and ESRI maps then these documents are not supported in SAP Lumira, Edge edition.
          • If you save a document with Predictive content then these documents are not supported in SAP Lumira, Edge edition.


    • Hi,

      Please refer to Note 2121982 – Why can’t I download SAP Lumira Server, Edge Edition?

      It’s not a free download, you’ll need to be licensed for it.



  • found the download ready today – – first try to install is a bit confusing:As a prerequisite it says to me: SAP Business Objects BI Platform or SAP Crystal Server or Information platform services is not already installed.

    So I wondered …. I thought that that was the purpose of this TEAM Edge Edition .

    But then I read the explanation below the red x: Information: SAP Lumira, Edge edition cannot be installaed on the same machine as SAP …

    So I have only to look for a SAP BO free VM Ware to install …

    Since I am Bo Consultant this is not as easy as I thought – I have BO-Clients everywhere and lumira edge won’t install ;-(

    – Wobi

  • Hello Henry

    If the datasets are based in MSSQL , can we program the update of the dataset ? I am currently downloading the file to make some tests


    Hector Santos

    • Hi,

      Yes, if your document is based on freehand SQL ontop of MS SQL server, then you can Refresh the document ‘online’ – i.e. using server-side connectivity – in this first shipment of Lumira Team Server 1.0

      view_document (1).png

      Note that your administrator will first need to go via Preferences (top right) to maintain the JDBC driver (point to .jar location)

      We plan to add additional FHSQL connectivity types (supported sources) soon.



      • Hello

        Thanks for the answer. Very nice to see it. But can i program the refresh ? For example, that it refreses the dataset only after hours ? Set it to refresh everyday at 11pm ?


        Hector Santos

        • Right now no, but this is certainly planned.  

          in the interim, your desktop client has a scheduling agent. set this to run first-thing in the morning.  you could then compose infographic using the setting ‘refresh on open’ . then when you colleagues open the shared document, it will be fully updated.


    • Hi Hector – Edge Server currently isn’t supported by Mobile BI (if that is your question)

      A good work-around is to publish to Lumira Cloud and Mobile BI works great with Mobile BI

        • Yes, it definitely will be – especially once this Lumira Velocity engine becomes an Add-On service to BIPlatform. Then you would be able to use the BI Mobile app as you do currently for other bobj content types

  • Sill looking for a successful install: Always failling with this error:


    even on my private gaming pc at home – no SAP BO there – afaik – even checked the registry.

    So why does it think it should not install?

    PS: You notice that line one and the explanation below contradict?
    Line One …. is not already installed –  …

        • I openend oss – we are using windows 7 clients – as my private pc also is a windows 7 machine. – tested also my colleagues notebook- same result.

          Windows 7 is supported as os stated in the pam.



          • Yep, got it. that’s supposed to be OK with Win 7.1 – do you have the exact version of your OS inc SPs?

              But in terms of solution architecture would it not make better sense to have a single central server, with desktops deployed on Clients?  (btw I had no issues installing this product on Win server 2012 and 2008 )



          • Yes – please contact support, with the install logs.

            when you evaluate it, i’d recommend to install on a server – that way, it would be available for the wider team outside of your personal hours

          • since the install does not start – we fail at prerequesites – there is no logfle   – could not find any…

            Well if the installation works I can evaluate what to do…

            When will the BO-Server addin come  GA – since we have a BO test Server  this would be no problem…



          • The problem was: a non english os – since I am in Austria and not in Australia – we usually have non-english OS clients. English server are rather common ๐Ÿ˜‰

            so install is runnung now with a “hack” from  Support to avoid the language issue!”

            it’s up and running!

            – Wobi

        • Hello Henry

          I tried on a Windows 8.1 Computer, a Windows 2008 R2 server and a virtualized Windows 7 with little installed and same error message in all 3 instances.



  • Hello Henry,

    I’ve installed the Lumira team server and from a technical perspective everything works as expected. Now, the Lumira Team server UI states that the license has to be renewed in 7 days. When clicking on “View license”, the validity of the license is displayed as 2016-01-31 which is far more in the future than 7 days.

    I’ve checked the available licenses on SAP marketplace, however, didn’t find a license to be requested for the Lumira Team Server. I only found the Lumira Client which already has been licensed in our company.

    Do you happen to know where we can obtain a license key? It’s nothing our SAP account manager can answer because the product is not available in the pull-down menu of the licenseable products.

    Thanks & regards


    • Hi,

      I’ve been hearing the 2015 pricing being discussed internally at SAP these last 2 weeks. There’s simplified licensing options for BI Edge & Lumira Edge customers.

      I’d recommend going through here:   

      (this is in a related part of the portal where you would maintain System (inc. license keys) and Installation(s) data. 

      Click “Contact your local SAP contract department”  ->  “Contact Us” and complete the form to get the ball rolling.

      As for the temp license key. Let me get back to you next week. 

      In the meantime, why not delete it (and any other ‘ghost’ key), and type it back in manually . yes, i hit something similar to this before lol



  • Hello

    Being doing some test and being thinking in using within SBO 9.0 but i get the the next message: “Your browser may not be supported and optimized” also added screenshot. What can I do in these case ? I tried entering the user and password but it never accepts it.


    Any suggestions ?



  • Hi Henry – this is great news!

    I’ve reached out to my sales guys but maybe you can answer… Is this covered in BO Suite licensing? I.e. Lumira client is in Named user BO Suite, but is the server side covered by BO Suite CSBLs?



  • Hi Henry,

    My question is not about mobility but integration with FIORI, we have seen that the Lumira Server can be integrated into Fiori what about Lumira edge server ?

    Also can you tell us more about this simplified licencing ?



    • No I don’t think there’s Fiori integration for Lumira Edge server right now. I would not be surprised if it is being considered, but the main momentum for Lumira Edge will be BI Edge/BIPlatform integration.

      the changes to Edge licensing are things like (but not limited to) – you can mix NUL & CSBL in any quantity, up to stated max of 100 NUL and 50 CSBL (including blocks of 1 NUL). Lumira Edge and BI Edge are aligned. Please check with your account representative for more details.



  • Hi Henry,

    Thanks for your informative blog.

    I went through the below link on Lumira Edge Server webcast

    SAP Lumira, Edge Edition Webcast Notes with Question & Answer

    As mentioned in the blog, Lumira documents (.lums) are saved from Lumira Desktop to Lumira Edge Server but it also allows viewing the document on Team Server Web UI. How is Lumira Edge Server architecturally different from “Save to BI Platform” functionality? As I understand, “Save to BI Platform” also allows saving Lumira documents (.lums) to BI Platform but do not allow viewing the same in Launchpad. User still requires Lumira Desktop for the same.

    Please help me understand and correct me in case my understanding is not correct.

    Thanks & Regards,


  • Hi Henry,

    I’m not able to see the download link for my account for Lumira edge. We are RAMP-UP customer for BI Lumira- Add-on, still we don’t see link to download edit.



  • Hi Henry,

    Does SAP Lumira Edge Edition support universes at all? that you connected to in SAP Lumira? or is it at the moment just direct queries to SQL Server 2008/2012? Can you clarify. As i cant find and information about universes with Lumira Edge Edition.



    • Hi,

      Users can view universe-based stories online using this team-edition server, but they won’t be refreshable online with the current architecture.

      That is planned to be enhanced, of course!



  • hi henry,

        awesome tool when the next version launch and i suggest one thing embeded link that  sap provided for html <iframe> file in sap lumira cloud is also provided in edge server is great and very helpful


    Dhananjay singh Chauhan

  • hey henry,

    i need some information regarding latest version available of SAP Lumira, server for team for demo.

    currently i am using 1.0 version



  • Hi Henry

    Could you please comment on the Lumira Client and SAP Lumira Edge Server compatibility? What is recommended?

    The latest Lumira Server for Teams is SAP Lumira Server for Teams 1.25 WINDOWS (64B)
    Does this imply that only Lumira Client 1.25 can be used?



  • Hi Henry,

    Thank for this demonstration, i followed the whole steps, but the wizard is not finalizing the installation, it is showing the following screen for 20 minutes before timeout:


    and then this last screen is shown until Timeout:


    I inspected the Setup Engine Log and I found this entry several times:

    14:04:35.628 2015/08/18, 02:04:35: RunRedistProgram: return value 2

    14:04:35.628 2015/08/18, 02:04:35: CMS is up, but cannot log on to CMS. Trying again…

    14:04:35.628 2015/08/18, 02:04:35: … waited for 0 seconds …

    14:05:11.693 *#*_*FWM 20030|Could not reach CMS ‘SERVNSISBI06:6400’. Specify the correct host and port and check for network issues. (FWM 20030)|Could not reach CMS ‘SERVNSISBI06:6400’. Specify the correct host and port and check for network issues. (FWM 20030)*_*#*

    I am installig SAP Lumira Server for Teams 1.28 on this VM:


    Can you help me please?


    Med Amine