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How to generate and import HA300 EPM_MODEL in Hana

To the point:

Log in Sap, Generate sample data for SWND* tables using transaction SEPM_DG, Import tables and data in Hana.

No need to read more.

Long story

As meny of You know, There is no tables from HA300 examples in fresh Hana installation. You can import SHINE model though.

I recommend using SHINE even for HA300 examples. It will take some time going thru examples, but that time will be well spent on thinking in “Modelling mode”.

Any table from HA300 example has its similliar table that can be used instead. There’s no NODE_KEY, PARENT KEY fields, but thats not as important.

If You must use HA300 data model, here are the steps

1. Log in Sap, check out tables of interest,  SWND* in SE16n or SE11.  They are empty probably. (for instance table SNWD_BPA_CONTACT)

2.  Use SEPM_DG transaction in SAP to generate sample data.

Check out:…

3. Re-check table in SE16n.

4. Use Data Provisioning method You prefer to load tables and data to Hana.

You can use Sap Data Services, Sap LT Replication server would be an overkill 🙂

IMPORT flat file

IMPORT flat file scenario is simple and you don’t need extra tools.

For each table you want to import into Hana:

1. Download to file system:

Se16n, Download table to xls (Change header name if necessary)

2. Sap Hana Studio File->Import  ->SapHana Content Folder  “Data from Local file”

Change data types if necessary )


Alternative to download table:

You can download table to file system with FM ‘SAP_CONVERT_TO_XLS_FORMAT’, or write ABAP program (you can tweak something I used for csv download to write Your own code )

Hope it helps,

    Dubravko Katulic.

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      Author's profile photo Martin Chambers
      Martin Chambers

      Hi Dubravko,

      I've tried generating data in SEPM_DG. That works fine. But not all the master data tables used in HA300 are populated with data, e.g.

      SNWD_BP_EM     Business Partner Emails

      SNWD_BP_PH     Business Partner Phone Numbers

      Do you know how to get data into those tables.

      Also, the business partner table SNWD_BP isn't filled. Instead there is data in SNWD_BPA.

      Indeed, SNWD_BP, SNWD_BP_EM and SNWD_BP_PH are tagged as obsolete. Yet they are still used, even in the latest (SPS09) version of HA300.

      SAP should either supply a data generator that will populate the old tables or update its handbooks!



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Sorry for late answer,

      as i remember part of data I inserted thru transaction and part I Inserted thru se16n  just to have something.  Later I found that link with instructions, and on another system I tried using only transaction and it worked. Problem is I dont have access to that system anymore, and I'm no procurement specialist so I cant say what I actually did, I just followed instructions and debugged a program to see what to input into selection screen.

      I should've made screenshots.

      >SAP should either supply a data generator that will populate the old tables or update its handbooks!

      I agree, but HA* books are part of course that comes with access to the system where all these things are preconfigured.

      SHINE is free and much better and modern (at least not archaic)  database used SHINE and I modified HA* examples to try them out.

      Have fun !

      Author's profile photo Martin Chambers
      Martin Chambers

      Hi Dubravko,

      I have exchanged emails with SAP. They will consider using SHINE in the HA handbooks for SPS11. Apparently, the SPS10 handbooks are almost finished.

      Never give up hope