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Enable a Custom Tab in PPOME Transaction

Step 1: Create a new tab page




Step 2: Create a Function Group



Create screen elements:




PBO and PAI Logic:


Write Required Business Logic.


Write Required Business Logic.

Step 3:  Make entries in the config to display the
custom tab in PPOME based on Position / Orgunit / Pernr


Enter sequence Number, Report
name ( Function Group Main program Name ), Screen number and FM for dispalying



Important Note: Update the sequence number for the standard tab to override the standard
sequence position in this NODE.



For example IT1050 is positioned at 3 by standard for OME0.

Same has been overridden to display this tab at 4thposition after the Cost Center Tab.


Step 4: Goto PPOME and verify it

You will be able to see a Custom Tab in PPOME for Orgunit and Position.

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  • Thanks for this! It helped me a lot!

    When I design a custom tab, how do I get to the object the PPOME is working with. Let say I am working with a position, how do I get the position number?

    I tried including INCLUDE rhomdetaildefinitions. but all the structures stays empty? how do I access the main screen structure data?