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SAP Cloud for Customer – May 2015 Release – Planned Timeline and Functionality

Dear Community,

SAP has made the May 2015 Release of the SAP Cloud for Customer, software-as-a-service powered by the HANA Cloud Platform generally available to customers. Please check out the video below for a quick introduction to this enhanced version of the public cloud service from SAP.

We have updated the document repository on the SAP Service Marketplace to allow access to the official documentation related to the May 2015 Release of the SAP Cloud for Customer, software-as-a-service powered by the HANA Cloud Platform. Please access the same via this link.


We had the distinct pleasure of talking to our customers and partners informing them about the planned functionality that will be available with the May 2015 release of the SAP Cloud for Customer, public cloud software as a service offering, powered by the SAP HANA Cloud.

Please click through to the video below to get a detailed understanding of the planned functionality for the SAP Cloud for Customer May 2015 Release, among other useful information shared via the briefing session.

Please feel free to access a copy of the presentation outlining the planned release functionality of the May 2015 service release at this link. (Appropriate security credentials needed to access the content)

Please find a visual of the planned timeline of solution release for the planned May 2015 release of the SAP Cloud for Customer solution. We will keep updating this space with additional information as we get closer to the planned solution release based on the timeline outlined below.


Please feel free to reach out to us via comments, observations and questions as a follow up to this post and we will be happy to provide you further guidance on the content presented here.

Conference Call Information is Available
Please note that the conference call information for 9th April 2015 has been published at the link. (Please note that you will need appropriate security credentials to access the information).

Some other useful sources of information about, and engagement around, the SAP Cloud for Customer solution portfolio are highlighted below:

SAP Service Marketplace:

SAP Community Network:

SAP Cloud for Customer on YouTube:

SAP Help Portal:

SAP Idea Place:

SAP HANA Marketplace:

We look forward to engaging deeply around this next generation public Cloud Customer Engagement / CRM software as a service offering powered by the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

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  • Please note the planned conference call information for the conversation outlining SAP Cloud for Customer - May 2015 Release deliverable for the public cloud service powered by the SAP HANA Cloud Platform has been published above.

    Thank you for your time and attention.

  • Please make it a point to join us on 9th April to hear about the planned deliverable of functionality to enhance the SAP Cloud for Customer public cloud SaaS offering from SAP.

    Conference call details are available above.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Pushkar,

      could you also please share the presentation instead of only the video recording of the 1505 release preview?

      That would be great.

      Thanks, Jan

    • My organisation is about to go live with C4C and I still don't know who is supposed to receive communication emails for these events.

      How do we get invited?

      • Please maintain more names and email addresses in the service control center of the service offering of dedicated contacts from your organization supposed to be in the communication loop.

        Thank you.

          • You will have to maintain the details in the Service Control Center, logged in as administrator.

            In the Service Control Center work center, the Contact Details view gives you an overview of the information maintained for your contacts.

            You can access this view from the Service Control Center work center.

            There are three contact types:

            • IT Contact: A contact person in your organization who gives you system information and to whom you report downtimes.
            • SAP Store Buyer: A contact person in your organization who is authorized to procure solutions on your behalf in the SAP Store.During initial implementation, you can assign service agents as contacts of the type SAP Store Buyer to allow them to purchase partner solutions. Once employees are available, we strongly recommend that you change the contact assignment to an employee assignment. After go-live, we recommend that you only assign employees as SAP Store buyers.
            • Commercial Contact: A contact person in your organization who is authorized to order services from SAP, such as purchasing additional licenses.

            Thank you.

        • Hi Pushkar

          My name is maintained in Service Control Center but I did not receive any notifications on the May Release.  I did receive for the February Release and  want to make sure that I get information on future releases.


          • Thanks for the heads up Carol. I will notify our team that sends the upgrade notification to take care of this feedback.

            You can easily access the conference call information related to the upcoming release via the link

            Looking forward to talking to you on June 25th.

            Thank you.

  • Hi Pushkar

    Great presentation from you and Terence today for APAC.

    I would like to share the video as soon as possible with some of our internal stakeholders, are you able to provide a YouTube link ?


    • Thank you for the kind words David. I have linked to the video of the conference recording on the post above. Please access the same to get at the information shared on the call. Thank you.

  • The video of the May 2015 release briefing conference call is available now. Please reference the post and click through to the video for your information purposes. Thank you.

    • Thanks for sharing the great video! The overview slide of the visit enhancements (minute 21:00) includes the point "Refresh Visit Enhancements". Unfortunately you didn't mention this in the webinar. Can you please give us a hint on the new enhancements? Thanks in advance.

  • Please feel free to access a copy of the presentation outlining the planned release functionality of the May 2015 service release at this link. (Appropriate security credentials needed to access the content)

    Thank you.

  • Hi Pushkar

    May I ask a question around prospect management? As per this presentation from 1505, there will be Customer Role concept in C4C (similar to the current CRM 7). So what is the end to end process to manage prospects?

    The presentation says the Customer Role can be mapped to ECC account group. Can the customer role assigned to a C4C account be changed later? (in ECC standalone, account groups once selected during account creation can not be changed). e.g. initially as Prospect and later changed to Customer? Will C4C try to replicate Prospect to ECC at all?

    I'm imaging that initially a prospect is created in C4C without replication to ECC, later the Customer Role gets changed to Customer which is mapped to a proper ECC account group, then at this point in time the replication occurs? Is this correct?

    Looking forward to your earliest advice.



    • Hi David,

      we support two
      options for the ERP integration:

      1. You block sending prospects from
        C4C to ERP.
      2. You send prospects right away to

      Ad 1. The removal of the prospect flag in C4C triggers the sending to ERP. The code list
      mapping in C4C determines the ERP account group for the C4C customer role.

      Ad 2. In case you use different account groups in ERP for prospects and accounts, the
      promotion of a prospect to an account has to be done in ERP. The change of the
      ERP account group can only be done manually in a specific transaction. It is
      not possible to change the account group by integration. The change in ERP is
      replicated to C4C and changes the customer role there as well.



      • Hi Hermann,

        Thanks for your reply.

        As far as I know, in 1502 the prospect is managed thru the indicator which will be replaced by the customer role in 1505. Did you mean the Ad 1 for 1502 and Ad 2 for 1505?

        Also which transaction in ECC is to change the account group? Will such change allocate the customer in ECC a new account number? As I know each account group is assigned to a number range, changing account group may cause number conflicts?



        • Hi David,

          the prospect indicator is just the UI representation in C4C. E.g. if you remove the prospect indicator the prospect role is removed and the customer role is set.

          The ERP transaction to switch the account group is XD07. The account number will stay even if it violates the number range assigned to the target account group.


  • Hi experts,

    We noticed that on the latest roadmap, in 1508 there will be van stock functionality for Cloud for Service.

    Do we know that if this van stock functionality is going to be based on ECC storage location? Each van is mapped to a storage location?