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[SAP HANA Academy] SAP HANA Installation: SAP HANA Client [SPS09]

In a tutorial video Denys van Kempen from the SAP HANA Academy discusses how to install the SAP HANA Client. This video has been updated to reflect the changes from the SAP HANA SPS09 release. Check out Denys’ video.

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(0:15 – 1:45) Overview of SAP HANA Client and PAM

A client interface is needed in order to connect to a SAP HANA database server. The SAP HANA Client software package contains several interfaces. The client can be installed on both Unix Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems. The latest information on supporting operating systems for the SAP HANA Client can be found here on the Product Availability Matrix (PAM).

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PAM brings together release dates, support information, relevant SAP support notes, documentation, links to the SAP download center and much more. The SAP Download Center has the SAP HANA Client software for the last few Support Package Stacks in the Installation and Upgrades section and the intermediary release updates are in located in the Support Packages and Patches section.

(1:45 – 2:50) SAP HANA Client Versions and Executables

For his demonstration on how to install the SAP HANA Client Denys is using a Windows Machine and he has a shortcut to the files for the SAP HANA 32 and 64 bit Client. The architecture of your application will determine which version you will need and both the 32 and 64 bit versions can be installed on the same computer. Inside the folder are three executables – hdbsetup.exe (a Windows application), hdbinst.exe, and hdbuninst.exe (both command line tools). HDB setup should be used for one off installations and the command line tools should be used for scripted batch installs.

First Denys runs the installer by clicking on hdbsetup.exe. On the first screen you should enter the installation path. This defaults to hdbclient and if an earlier version had been detected than there would be the option to preform an update.

(2:50 – 5:05) Overview and Installation of Components

The next screen lists the different components that will be installed. Note that you will see a lot of references to hdb when using SAP HANA. HDB stands for Hybrid Database as SAP HANA does both column and row type storage.

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Denys notes that there is a driver for ADO.NET which is a data access API for the Microsoft.NET framework. Also there is HALM Client (HANA Application Lifecycle Manager Client) which is new with SAP HANA SPS09. HALM comes in two varities. Platform Lifecycle Management concerns the installation of the SAP HANA server and it’s related components. Application Lifecycle Manager concerns the installation, update and distribution of applications that run inside the in-memory database.

JDBC is the JAVA driver, ODBC and ODBO are the generic database and OLAP drivers. ODBO is typically used by applications such as Microsoft Excel for pivot tables. The other components are for the Client’s internal usage such as Python Runtime and Python Database API, Repository tools to work with the SAP HANA Studio Development perspective and the libraries for the SAP Netweaver technology stack SQLDBC. 

Once you have reviewed the components click install and watch all of the individual components be installed. If an error occurs during the installation then click the view log button to begin to trouble shoot. If there are no errors then click Finish to complete the SAP HANA Client installation.

(5:05 – 5:17) How to Uninstall the SAP HANA Client

Use the hdbuninst.exe from the download folder or use the Windows control panel’s remove programs option.

(5:17 – 6:00) Installing SAP HANA Client 32 Bit using Command Line

Denys right clicks on SAP HANA Client in his Downloads folder and chooses Open command window here. Denys enters dir /b , then hdbinst – h to return help. Denys then runs the installation with the minus b flag to run the program in batch mode by entering hdbinst –b.

For more information about command line call options visit here to read the SAP HANA Client Installation and Update Guide.

Check out the SAP HANA Academy’s series of over 75 videos on What’s New with SAP HANA SPS09 as well as the playlist detailing the new Installation features for SPS09.

SAP HANA Academy over 800 free tutorial videos on using SAP HANA.

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