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SAP Cloud for Customer (SAP C4C) Unleashed

SAP Cloud for Customer (SAP C4C) Unleashed – Build 1411

Authored by:

Prasad Venkatesan


This document refers to SAP C4C build# 1411 and will help the readers to understand the SAP Cloud for Customer application and offerings. Readers may or may not require a cloud application knowledge but it would be beneficial if they have the basic understanding.

Readers who have access to SAP Cloud for Customer will be able quickly get the grip of the application. For others this document will definitely provide the details of application features and offerings.

This document doesn’t contain any graphical images due to some restrictions, may be in future will include the graphics.

The content of this documents are written based on the experience on SAP Cloud for Customer and various sources from SAP and user guides.

*** Disclaimer: This is document will be explaining the SAP C4C features and please do not consider this as a training document.


What’s New

How-To Videos

SAP Cloud for Customer User Guide

SAP Cloud for Customer Administrator Guide

Table of Contents

SAP Cloud for Customer (SAP C4C) Unleashed. 1

About 2

Table of Contents. 3

C4C Modules. 5

Marketing. 5

Sales. 5

Service. 5

C4C UI 6

Navigation. 6

HTML 5 and Silverlight 6

Infrastructure. 7

Tenant Landscape. 7

SAP Launch Implementation Methodology. 8

Launch Methodology. 8

Workshops. 8

Accelerators. 8

Q-Gate. 9

User Management 10

Incident Management 11

Data Migration. 12

Integration. 13

Technology. 13

SAP C4C Integration with ECC 6.0. 14

SAP C4C Integration with SAP CRM14

Add-in Integration with Email Client 15

Add-in Integration with MS Excel 15

Add-in Integration with Mobile / Tablets. 15

Add-in Integration with CTI 15

Add-in Integration with Adobe. 16

SAP C4C with SAP Jam.. 16

SAP C4C with Social Engagement 16

Workflow, Approvals and Notifications. 17

Workflows. 17

Approvals. 17

Notifications. 17

Mashups. 18

Reporting. 19

What’s new in SAP C4C 1411 build. 20

SAP C4C build introduces changes in the following area: 20

New features. 20

Changed features. 21

Industry features. 22

What to expect in SAP C4C 1502 build. 23

C4C Modules


  • Marketing Funds
  • Campaigns
  • Target Group
  • E-mail Execution
  • Lead Generation

MF àCampaignsàTarget GrpàEmail ExecutionàLead Generation


  • Customer demand
  • Lead
  • Account and Contact
  • Opportunity
  • Sales Quote
  • Sales Order

Customer DemandàLeadàAccount & ContactàOpportunityàSales QuoteàSales Order


  • Incoming   Communications  (email, social   media accounts, phone and live chat)
  • Processing
  • Resolve Issue
  • Response
  • Close

Incoming CommunicationsàProcessingàResolve IssueàResponseàClose



  • Work centers:
    • The menus on the top     bar
  • Tool bar:
    • The icons on the left     pane
  • Panes:
    • Quick links on the     right side
  • Tabs/Views:
    • Menus under the work     centers
  • Action Bar:
    • Gear icon on the Top     right corner under Tabs/views
  • Item
    • Result list of the     executed action on the views
  • Filter Bar
    • Option icons on the     top left corner under tabs/views

HTML 5 and Silverlight

Two different UI provided by SAP C4C solution. Both serve the different purposes.

  • HTML5:
    • Default client for the     users
    • The same HTML5 UI is     rendered in the mobile and tablet devices
  • Silverlight:
    • Primarily for     administrators
    • Invoking adaption mode     will enable access to configuration relevant work centers


Tenant Landscape

  • Public:
    • By default, a system     houses many tenants for multiple customers (Same server, hosted for various     customers)

  • Private:
    • Entitles a system with     no other customer tenants on it

  • Production Tenant +   Temporary Test tenant
    • SAP Cloud production     tenant comes with one test tenant for permitted time (3 months). Later test     tenant will be removed from the landscape.

  • Production Tenant +   Permanent Test tenant
    • Along with the     production tenant, customer need to purchase the test tenant to keep     permanently

SAP Launch Implementation Methodology

Launch Methodology

  • Prepare:
    • Project Verification
  • Realize:
    • Solution Acceptance
  • Verify:
    • Readiness Acceptance
  • Launch
    • Go-live


The following define workshops for C4C.

  • Project   Kick-off
  • Business   Scenario
  • Integration
  • System   Administration
  • Functional   Topics
  • Data   Migration
  • Test   Planning
  • Cutover   Planning
  • Incident   Management


·         Delivery Toolkit

SAP provides solution specific workshop tools comprised of presentation and accelerators

o   Sales

o   Service

o   Social Engagement


Project verification Q-Gate is executed very early in the project, at the end of the prepare phase. This includes

·         Project Management

·         Solution Design

·         Integration preparation

User Management

User management is to create users and access control. Same like on premise solution, every employee a business (system) user is generated.

User Management activities will be performed under Administrator work center.

  • Administrators of C4C   will have authorization to create employees
    • First name, Last name,     Valid To are the key attributes
    • Employees will be     assigned to Org Unit created in the C4C
    • Activation of employee,     assignment of work centers
  • Business Roles
    • Business users must be     activated before assigning to work centers
    • Possible to copy from     the access rights from the existing users
    • Templates can be     created to perform the business role assignment for large number of users
  • Access Rights and   Restrictions

In addition to the business roles, administrator have an option to restrict the user read and write access.

    • Authorization can be     controlled by the below levels
      • Views
      • Specific item in a       view
      • Via org unit       assignment
    • Access level
      • No Access
      • Unrestricted
      • Restricted – Context       based authorization

·         System admin key responsibilities

o   Configuration of the system before and after go-live

o   Maintain the user accounts

o   Based on the evolving needs of the company, make adjustment to the system

o   Handle incidents created by end users

Incident Management

If a user encounters a problem in the C4C application, then user can report an incident request to solve the problem. Incidents can be created for the following scenarios:

·         Interrupts the operation of service

·         Quality of service (performance and so on)

The workflow of the Incident as follows:

1.      End user creates an Incident

2.      Admin review incident and fix the issue and report back to the end user

3.      If the admin is unable to fix the issue, then escalate to SAP Cloud Support

4.      SAP provide/suggest the solution

5.      Verify the fix and report back to the end user

Data Migration

Data migration is a critical activity in every project. Unsuccessful data migration lead to project risks, operation risks.

Data Migration process involve the below steps in C4C:

·         Schedule

·         Cleanse

·         Extract Source data

·         Populate Migration Templates (Provided by SAP)

·         Test Migration

·         Verify – using test scenarios

·         Cutover Migration – Using migration tool

Data Migration templates are provided by SAP. The important consideration while performing data migration:

·         The templates are pre-defined and cannot be changed

·         Templates contains different tabs that group the data into logical units

·         To ease of use, templates contains the definition of the fields

·         No restriction on the upload. The data can be uploaded multiple times if required.

Data Migration templates are categorized based on the objects as follows:

·         Master data

·         Transaction data

·         Transaction data financial accounting

·         Basic data

As part of 1411 build there are 32 templates are available for above categories.

Path to download the data migration templates:

Business Configuration (work center) à click on open Activity List à In the show dropdown select All Activities à then select Prepare for Data Migration à new popup will display the migration templates


System integration involves integrating existing often disparate systems. SAP C4C may have on-premise to complete the end-to-end business process.

Possible on-premise integration scenarios:

  • SAP   C4C with SAP ERP
  • SAP   C4C with SAP CRM

Possible reasons for above said integration scenarios:

  • Solution   to cover end-to-end company business process for sales, service and   marketing.
  • Sharing   the master data between on-premise systems
  • Ease   of extending new business or platform
  • For   greater flexibility and leverage the go cloud benefits
  • Easy   to migrate from existing legacy applications


SAP C4C comes with multiple options for customer to choose or extend integration technology. Below are the current options for C4C customers.

  • SAP NW process   integration (SAP PI) – Uses on-premise middleware technology
  • SAP HANA Cloud   Integration  (HCI) – SAP Cloud   middleware technology

Key components of Integration technology:

  • SAP   HANA Cloud Integration
    • Cloud     based multi-tenant technology
    • Design     time with graphical flows
    • Centralized     monitoring
  • iFlows   (prepackaged integrations)
    • SAP     Cloud-SAP On-premise
    • SAP     Cloud-SAP Cloud
    • SAP     Cloud-3rdparty cloud
    • iFlows     developed on HCI, PI, P2P
  • Open   API’s
    • Standard     API’s to build custom integrations
    • Providing choice to     customers own integration technology. Ex. CastIron, MuleSoft

SAP C4C Integration with ECC 6.0

There are prerequisites for integration with ECC and CRM. Please refer to the product document for integration.


C4C       Object

ECC       Object





Accounts       & Prospects













Dynamically       call to ECC fetches pricing.


Quote       Request




Status       will be updated with the reference #


Sales       Order Request




Status       will be updated with the reference #


Sales       Order Request




Status       will be updated with the reference #

Recent       Orders

Sales       Orders




All       recent orders report will updated

SAP C4C Integration with SAP CRM


C4C       Object

CRM       Object





Product       Category

Product       Category




Social       Media profile

Social       Media profile





Business       Partner







Account       Hierarchy

Account       Hierarchy









Campaign       Header



















Sales Quote

Sales Order




Dynamically       call to CRM fetches pricing.

Service Request

Service Request




Add-in Integration with Email Client

SAP C4C Supports email integration with following client applications:

·         MS Outlook

·         IBM Lotus Notes

·         Gmail

SAP C4C allows to synchronize and exchange information between MS Outlook and C4C. The following are synchronizing objects available from MS Outlook

·         Tasks or emails

·         Activities

·         Reference to Campaign, Opportunity and lead

Add-in are available on the C4C application download section.

Add-in Integration with MS Excel

SAP C4C enable the user to export the data for further analysis.

Add-in Integration with Mobile / Tablets

SAP C4C provides Add-in via Apps for the following IOS and Android platforms

·         SAP C4C for iPad

·         SAP C4C for iPhone

·         SAP C4C for Android

Add-in Integration with CTI

SAP C4C provides an adapter to integrate with CTI solutions.

Add-in Integration with Adobe

SAP C4C provides Add-ins to enable form templates and allows integrated version for administrators to make advanced and content changes from templates.

·         Add-in for Adobe life cycle designer

·         Adobe life cycle designer

SAP C4C with SAP Jam

SAP Jam facilitates the collaboration of tools, groups and feeds that support the business process. The integration step involves:

·         Deciding on user mapping

·         Setting up technical connections

SAP C4C with Social Engagement

SAP C4C extends the wider support for social engagement for customer experience and customer engagement via social integration.

The following popular social integration Add-ins are available:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

The configuration activities for SAP Cloud for social engagements are:

  • Setting up channels
  • Setting up import runs
  • Defining work   distribution rules to route messages from social media channels
  • Message prioritization

Workflow, Approvals and Notifications


SAP C4C enables to define workflow rule and activate for field modifications. Once the conditions are met then workflow will trigger as specified.

Administrators can define workflow from Administrator work center à Workflow rules

All the admin activities the administrator needs to use the Silverlight UI.


SAP C4C solution support approval process for following objects

  • Campaign
  • Opportunities
  • Sales Quotes

All the approval notifications will appear in the nonfiction area in the tool bar.  It is possible to define one more approvers for the above objects.

Each approval step must contains a one or more attribute and condition for business object. The condition will support AND and OR operators.

It is also possible to create an approval with time bound. Once the approval process created the status should change from Draft to Active or Scheduled.


Notifications serve the purpose of informing the users to complete the pending tasks. Notification can be sent via email or displayed in the notification bar. Notification can also be sent to customer for status changes in the business documents.                                


Mashups are used to integrate data from SAP C4C with data provided by an online web services or applications.

Mashups include:

·         Web Searches

·         Company or Industry business information

·         Online map searches

Mashups Types:

·         URL Mashups

·         HTML Mashups

·         Data Mashups

·         Custom Mashups

Creating a Mashup requires an administrator role in SAP C4C. Here’s the path to create a new mashup

Administrator (work center) à Mashup Authoring


Analytics are integrated in the SAP C4C solution. The analytics can also be used for support and monitor business process.

SAP C4C supports 3 types of analytics:

  •   Standard reports
  • Custom report
  • Interactive dashboard (requires an assemble)

Available types of reporting:

  • Real-time
  • Exception
  • Integration
  • Drilldowns
  • Calculation and aggregations
  • KPI Monitoring
  • Administration
  • Mobile

Reports assignments are role specific and the assignment will be performed by the administrator

What’s new in SAP C4C 1411 build

New features

·         General

o   Additional context reports

o   iOS8 Support and apps for iPad, iPhone and SAP Customer insight

o   View sales activities with time line in iPad

o   Accounts

§  International address versions

§  New fields – Related to, ABC Classification, Industry, Owner and Territory

§  Able to edit the Sales data for integration scenarios with SAP CRM, SAP ERP

o   Contacts

§  Nickname fields introduced

§  Personalize the contact header and Relationships

o   Individual customers

§  Account team tab is made visible

§  Owner fields is made visible for quick create screen

·         Sales

o   Revenue planning

§  Revenue Split

§  Revenue scheduling

o   Follow-up tickets from sales quotes

o   Leads

§  Personalize to display engagement score

o   Opportunities

§  Create contact and attach

§  Attach surveys

·         Marketing

o   Lead Score

·         Service

o   Tickets from text messages

o   Get next ticket

Changed features

·         General

o   Activities

§  Delete activities with follow-up items

§  Visits: more follow-up activities

§  Tasks: completion status set according to completion percentage

o   Tasks

§  Tasks: completion status set according to completion percentage

§  Visit location appears in MS Outlook

·         Sales

o   With necessary authorization, now user can choose Sales lead or Marketing lead.

·         Service

o   Approval for tickets and work tickets

o   Costing in work tickets

Industry features


o   SAP Cloud for Customer for Utilities

§  Display details for each active contract, valid for that account

§  Flag the contracts that would expire in the next three months

§  Display the last ten historical interaction records

§  You can view enhancements in the generated quote output in PDF format

§  Utility-specific enhancements Include service locations and all points of delivery pertinent to the quote

§  You have the ability to enter the annual consumption for a service, at a point of delivery with relevant unit of measure

o   SAP Cloud for Customer for Banking

§  You can now use Commercial Banking product lines for leads and opportunity management.

§  You now have the ability to assign and search for customer contacts based on the line of business.

§  When you, as a product specialist, accept a lead, then you automatically become a part of the coverage team for the customer, unless previously assigned.

§  Coverage Detail Report

§  Call Topics Report

o   SAP Cloud for Customer for Professional Services

§  Integration with financial plan in SAP Commercial Project Management allows direct access to financial

§  Primary contact in opportunity included in list of contacts for master project in CPM.

§  The contacts for master project displayed in a separate section in the Projects tab and not included as contacts for the opportunity.

§  Update account for an opportunity in both Cloud for Customer and in CPM.

o   SAP Cloud for Customer for Insurance

§  Integration with SAP Cloud for Customer Add-In for Microsoft Outlook

§  Customer analytics possible using customer factsheet. PDF version of factsheet also available for print.

What to expect in SAP C4C 1502 build

SAP is aggressively making a good progress on every release. According to 1502 release briefing, the below list of features are really captured my attention. Though this is not a full list, just sharing a few to give you an idea.

·         General Features:

o   SAP C4C application includes many features which makes SAP C4C solution more usable and flexible for the customers. Though I am unable to list out features but I can assure that lots of features are added.

·         Sales / Marketing / Service Features:

o   New objects (Business process) added to the 1502 build

o   ERMS 


Industry Specific Solution:

o   AFS

o   Plan to expand for further industry specific solution


Custom Object development

o   New functionality for the customers to build their own objects

SAP will release what’s new document for 1502 build during 1st week of Feb’2015. Please to refer to the document for full list of features.

– Thank You –

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      Hi Juan,

      You have to go scoping section in business configuration work center. Select Questions for Opportunities and You will see the Revenue Planning and by selecting the items under Revenue planning will enable this option.

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