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New Export to PDF in Lumira 1.22

New in 1.22 is the ability to print or export a Lumira story to PDF.  This long awaited feature is available in Lumira Desktop, Lumira Server, and Lumira Cloud for release 1.22.  Once you have put together several visualizations into a story board, infographic or report, you can export this story to PDF and then print or share it with your colleagues.

Exporting to PDF from Lumira Desktop

In Lumira Desktop, there is a new File menu item called “Export to File” which is available when you are in the Compose or Share rooms.  In the Compose room, you can export the story you are currently editing.  The menu item is context sensitive.  In the Share room, this menu item is only enabled when a story containing at least one visualization is selected.  Otherwise, you will notice this menu item is greyed out. Also, when a dataset is selected, this same menu item can trigger an export to CSV format.  The reason for this workflow design is to anticipate future export formats. (You can also trigger an export to PDF by clicking on the Export to File button at the upper left of the Share room.) Once the Export to File menu item is selected, the following Export as File Option dialogue will appear:

Export as File.jpg

From the option, you can select the PDF format (for the time being, PDF is the only option), a page range, and select whether to include the global and page filters in a separate appendix page.  Once the Export button is clicked, you will see the “File Save As” dialogue followed by the Export to PDF progress dialogue (image below is from  Lumira1.23 where it indicates the number of pages it is processing):
Export Progress 3.jpg

Once the export process is complete, you will find the PDF file in the designated file location.  If you have chosen to display the “Dataset filters”, then you will see an additional page in the end like the following example:


PDF Format

The output of the PDF should be identical to what you see in the Compose room in the sense that the objects sizes and positions are relative to each other.  However, one major difference is that PDF has a page size attribute and stories can have dynamic widths and heights depending on the story types and visualizations used.  A Table visualization in a Report story can have dynamic heights based on the number of rows in the dataset.  Because of this difference, the export process will pre-define the logic to handle page sizes differently depending on story types:

Story Page limit 2.jpg

Please take note of the page limit for Report layout and try not to exceed this during design – if you are thinking about exporting to PDF.  Here is an example of the PDF output comparing to the actual story viewed in a web browser:

pdf result.jpg

Exporting to PDF from Lumira Server and Cloud

When viewing or editing a story from Lumira Server or Cloud, you will notice a new Export button at the upper right of the browser, in between the Share and Help buttons.

Export Button on Web.jpg

When the Export button is pressed, the same Export to PDF option dialogue box will appear.  Clicking on the Export button will result in seeing a downloaded PDF file appearing at the bottom of the web browser (or in your download folder).  This feature is supported on both Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers.  Tablets and Mobile devices are not supported yet.

Downloaded pdf.jpg

Performance-wise, please expect exporting to PDF no quicker than viewing a story.  If the story has multiple pages, you should expect the exporting time to be similar to traversing through all the pages of the story.  Please expect delay if the story includes large images or needs to process large datasets.

This is the first release of this feature and we are working on other improvements such as efficient handling of table visualizations and images,  improved performance, and clearer progress indicator, just to name a few.  So expect better exporting in the near future.

If you have any comments, please let me know or submit an idea in IdeaPlace.

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    • Hi Björn,

      The ability to export a dataset as .CSV or Excel format is an existing capability of Lumira prior to 1.22. I guess what Sharon means is that the capability is merged with the new PDF export user interface, as one.

      My 2 cents


        • Hi,

          HANA Online mode is an exception - the data remains in the HANA Server backend, and is not acquired locally to the desktop.

          As such, it can only be Exported back to that same Server instance, to keep it secure within that landscape's governance framework.



  • To answer the when is 1.22 available. SAP Lumira Cloud is already updated and contains this feature. Our desktop version will be available very shortly as well.



  • 1.22 is available for desktop version, just updated mine, one issue though, i only get the export to .pdf option in the Compose room, in the Share room it is just the .csv option. is it by design or some limitations. I was trying to export an story based on a universe.

    • Works fine for me.  You have to make sure "Story" is selected.  You know when "Story" is in selected when there are only 4 buttons for Export or Publish options.

      Export in Share.PNG

      Export in Share.PNG
      • Hi Sharon,

        I'm not sure is this the right place to ask the question, put feel free to move my responce to some other forum if needed.

        We have in our company (130 000 employees) a global Hana implementation going on and we would like to use Lumira for our frontend financial reporting.

        However I would need to know the timeline when can Lumira deliver fallowin reporting needs:

        We want to have current monthly financial figures from Hana views straight from the source.

        The historical data we would show using existing Bex queries.

        And In the lumira we would like to smash up historical data and the Hana view current data all together.

        The users would access this with the BI launchpad and with single sign on, they would just press one button and refresh the BW query data, plus hana view data from one report.

        My question is: When would this be possible in Lumira ?

        Atleast what I have understood, is that BW queries (exit variables, time dependent hierarchies, variants) is not yet supported. However when I was in teched in berlin 2014 november, Lumira developers told me that end of March 2015, this would be available.

        Is this still true or is there some delays to that timetable ?

        best regards

        iiro keitaanranta

        • Hi Iiro

          Thanks for the detailed perspective of what you would like to achieve.  I think we have answers for the majority of your questions but would like to connect directly over a call.

          Can you please send me your contact information including name of your company, your position, timezone you are in and the best time to connect?

          Thank you for conncting


  • Hi,

    I am trying to export story to PDF, but it is just going forever to finish.

    it works perfect for few slides only, my story includes about 30 pages and never get successfuly exported to PDF?


    • Hi,

      probably a shortage of system resources, extreme demand on the pdf rendering engine,  or indeed a bug. please contact technical support on component BI-LUM-DSK

      i have to say, I would consider 30 pages as being on the heavy side.



      • Hello Henry,

        I encountered the same problem (BI Lauch pad 4.2 Support Pack 3) with storyboard (one page) when i check the box appendix. I am obliged to stop the export and restart it another time for it to work.

        I tried on several storyboard and it's always the same


        I'm in Lumira 1.31

  • Hi,

    is it possible to print or export to PDF a "table" visualization? i have tried to print to no avail. I did print geo maps or chart but not a table. Any ideas?

    • Hi Stephanie,

      As I have written in the PDF Format section above, there is a limit on the page size.  Perhaps you might have reached this limit.  Consider applying a page filter and see if you get better results.  If not, please contact technical support on component BI-LUM-DSK.



    • Hi Stephanie

      I think I know what you are asking.

      In Lumira 1.22, "Print Visualization" option for the table as an individual visualization is not supported.  In order to export table to PDF you have to add your table to a story (any one of Board, Infographic, Report type would work) and then use the Export to PDF function.  Export to PDF works from Lumira Desktop, Server, and Cloud.

      When we release crosstab control, the "Print Visualization" is planned to be supported. Ta da ~  Reminder however that any unreleased features are subject to change at any time.

      print crosstab2.PNG

      Print corsstab.PNG

      I guess the next question will be "when" 😆
      As I cannot communicate the version number or exact dates (which is sometimes very tough!) let me just say this is in our short term road map. If all stays according to plan, it will be very soon. As soon as we are near the release it will be included in the next What's New blog.  Hope this helps.

      • Thank you Sharon! That is not what I wanted to hear but you've answered my question.

        I just have to wait for the next round of updates, for now i'll use the method suggested to print via the export. 😆


  • Hi,

    Does anybody know if the export to PDF feature will be available in the BI Launch Pad platform anytime soon? Since in Version 1.25 we are able to publish to the BI platform.


  • Hi Kai,


    is there anyway to add some watermark inside the exported pdf? my customer need to add confidential to all exported files, do you have any idea, if we can edit the pdf and add some features logo or something?