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Adding dynamic text to SAP Lumira stories

With the SAP Lumira 1.22 release you can now create text elements that contain dynamic text and will be updated when the dataset is refreshed, ensuring up-to-date content*. For this blog I am focusing on infographic but this can be applied to text boxes in boards and reports as well.

Looking at the following infographic piece, I have 2 numbers in my text elements, which come right from my data. Note that previously I was able to archive a similar effect by adding numeric charts, but adding  dynamic elements to a text object is easier and more flexible than the numeric chart.


Let’s look how this can be done.

Assume you have added a text box to your infographic. As part of the Text Properties you can see a Dynamic Text button.

dynamic Text1.png

On pressing this button a formula editor appear. In this editor you give the formula a name, select the dataset that you want to use and define your formula. For the first text I like to show all submission to my contest, hence I am only selecting the submission measure from the list and press OK.


The value will be added with a light blue highlighting behind it indicating that it is a dynamic text. This highlighting will not be shown in preview or view mode. You can format this dynamic text just like any other text object.


Now I like to show the number of countries that participated in the contest. I don’t really care about the exact number and want to show only multiple of 10, hence adding a formula as dynamic text.


The exact number of participating countries is 41, but thanks to my formula in the infographic only 40+ is displayed, which is the right level of detail that was intended for this infographic.


If you have any comments, please let me know or submit an idea in IdeaPlace.


*For infographics page refresh on open needs to be set in order for the text to refresh.

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