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Custom webi report Build,Refresh,Schedule to Inbox ,Send report over email using Business Objects RestFul webservice SDK

Business custom report workflow

1)      User Launch application to build report. 1

2)      Once user clicks above link to build report, it launches below page which displays all the available Universe from Business Objects. 2

3)      User select Universe and click Next to choose  domain attributes. 3

4)      User gets all the attributes  of selected Universe. 3

5)      User choose attributes ,filters and click Next to create report. 3

6)      User enters report name and click “Create Report” which create reports and gives success message with generated Report Id. 4

7)      User clicks Next to Run ( Refresh ) or Schedule new created webi report and system displays the selected prompts (if there is any ) before Report Refresh / Schedule. 4

8)      User clicks “CLICK TO REFRESH” and system refreshes the report with selected prompt values. 5

9)      User have options to  download the custom report in preferred available formats. 5

10)        Use can schedule report to their  Inbox  OR schedule to recipient email address: 6

11)        System offer to schedule custom report to Inbox or send email according to user need. 6

12)        Once the schedule gets success, system shows message. 7

13)        User can open new created Report in webi template in following ways: 7

14)        System displays all the created Custom Reports. 7

15)        User can check schedule reports from their INBOX. 8

16)        System display all the scheduled reports from user INBOX. 8

Please find the attached document for the work flow what the application supports. The application has been built on Restful webservice SDK.

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