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Where will you be on April Fools???

It is yet another new year….with new resolutions – some of which already might have been broken.  If you are new to ASE or long time expert, I hope you made one of your resolutions to attend ISUG TECH 2015.  It is *THE* conference to attend to get the low level technical details, the product roadmaps and interact with customer experts as well as SAP product experts.  As always, there promises to be a lot of deep detailed technical content….  In other words, if you are familiar with TechEd and dCode….this conference is purely technical and meant for technicians, so it is a whole order of magnitude (or three) more technical than TechEd/dCode – and has the focus on the a narrower set of products so it can provide the specialized sessions that the broader TechEd/dCode cannot do.

….and it will be much warmer there.  Sigh, I guess it is winter, so I should be welcoming the below freezing temperatures….and yep, there is something exciting about fresh snow – at least until you have to shovel the driveway….now if was enough to use the snowblower – then it would be like play….

…ooops I digressed.  Yes, once again, ISUG Tech will be in Atlanta starting on March 29th thru April 2nd….with some pre/post conference workshops on the 29th and 2nd – and those alone are well worth attending.  Yes….that means April fools…..hmmmm….wonder what pranks we can announce???

If you want to go, jump now for the early bird price at  Products that are typically covered include:

  • ASE (of course)
  • SAP Replication Server
  • PowerDesigner
  • SAP IQ
  • SQL Anywhere

….and other SAP DBMS centric topics (I suspect even some HANA sessions).  Keep in mind that typically, this is the conference where SAP first discusses the details of upcoming product releases – so it is the place to be to find out what is coming and the details about the features, their benefits and use cases.  This year promises to be no exception (hint hint).

Now, if you have never been before, ISUG TECH is where the geeks, propeller heads, and a few (very few) normal folks all gather to discuss the really important topics in life such as:

  • Performance & Tuning
  • How It Works/Internals
  • How-to do <fill in the blank>
  • Achieving <choose one: scalability | availability | security | etc.> with <pick product>
  • What’s new and improved
  • What worked and what didn’t

….including the annual “Enhancement Panel” which gets into some lively discussions about what enhancements should be made, why they can’t be done…or haven’t been done yet.   Being a glutton for punishment, I submitted 5 topics, including:

  • Maximizing Business Continuity with ASE HADR & CE
  • SAP Replication Server Performance & Tuning (full day workshop)
  • The Science of DBMS: Data Storage & Organization (compression, encryption, etc.)
  • ASE Performance Tuning: Decision Tree Analysis Approach (MDA related)
  • The Science of DBMS: Query Optimization (costing vs. rules, impact of histograms, common query costing considerations & issues, etc.)

Erk!!!   That should eliminate my nights and weekends between now and then…..   I haven’t seen the list of other sessions yet as ISUG hasn’t posted them, but it will be full of similar level sessions.

Don’t be a fool….be there!!!

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