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Cannot create IDOC’s for a custom infotype in OrgModeler

Hi Gurus,

I’m working in Nakisa OrgModeler Versión 4.0 SP1 & Build 0910021700. I appreciate your help in this case. Is not posible to create IDOC’s for a custom infotype, but the standard solution is working perfectly generating in the OrgModeler User Interface, the respective Orghart & their scenarios. When I execute the “RBDMIDOC” ABAP program, the tool doesn’t create the IDOC for custom infotypes.

Actions executed

– The IDOC custom infotype configuration was implementing according the deployment guide considering all steps.

– When we are doing testing, the startIdocreceiver screen show the log information related to the standard infotypes, but ignore the IdocSettings.XML sentences for a custom infotype.

– In the backend system Gateway Trace doesnt appears information related to the custom infotype.

– In the OM_COMMON role was included the custom infotype 9002 & this role was created according the administration guide. Is necessary to  include another “special” role for custom infotypes?

-In the IdocSettings.XML file, we added some lines in order to consider the custom segment (taking the syntax examples for standard infotypes). I’m including this code in the attachments. Is corrrect this code? or is necessary add or eliminate some lines.

– The custom infotype (9002) was create before the deployment OrgModeler configuration and we have data test.

Thanks in advance & regards,

Alcira Fernández.

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  • Hi all,

    Someone please could consider providing me an IdocSettings.XML fragment, specifically the XML sintax for idocs of the custom infotypes (maybe a real case). It is urgent because the client does not receive the implemented solution if we don't include a custom field. Thanks in advance.


  • Try adding the <DownloadFields> tag. See some usage point in Idocsettings.xml file.

    Add your field with that tag. Don't forget to restart the idoclistener, then try initial load again.

  • Hi Chairith,

    You' re right. Considering your tips, now i can see the custom information in the respective IDOC, only I have pending to review how to generate the HRP9002 table because the System don't create automatically this object.

    Many Thanks,