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Assigning specific colors to selected data series on a chart

I would like to share a way to assign specific colors to a selected data series in a chart. In this sample, I will alter the color of a pie slica. I ´ll use the sample report “Input Controls And Charts” located at Public Folders->Web Intelligence Samples.

The pie chart is this sample report is shown below. pie chart.png

I´ll change the color of the slice Lines = Acessories to red.

To do so, click on the slice , from the menu choose click on the tab Formatting , click on cell and Background color. Choose the color you want, in this case red.


Below s the result of this operation.

final chart.png

Alternatevely, instead of clicking in the slice, you can click of the slice label on the legend.

This approaqch also works on different charts like bar, lines among others.



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