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Shopping cart error in transmission with Solution

Every user expects his/her shopping cart should convert into desired follow on document without any errors.As you aware every requisition is a critical business need and it must be procured from the external vendors.Every Requisition activity is very important for the business. SRM consultants must train the Business users and Buyers to use the application effectively.However there are some situations some of the shopping carts were failed due to many reasons like Master data (Material , Vendor and Finance data) issues, system issues , configuration while creation of purchase order. SRM system may not able to validate all the data while creating the shopping cart. Actually SRM is a very effective procurement system with tightly integrate to any ERP system/ Financial system. Unfortunately due to some Technical reasons SRM Requester never gets notification if any shopping carts failed after approval. These failed shopping carts are monitored by EBP administrator on daily basis. EBP administrator contacted the various master data team/Procurement team to correct the master data and helps to reprocess the shopping carts and make ensure that all failed shopping cart turned to follow on documents. Here there are some examples with error codes and solution.This document shall be useful for SRM beginners to address the issues.

Failure Error code

Description of the error



06 411

Sum of quantities >3< larger than total quantity


SAP notes 1659181 and 1736712 needs to implement in ECC system and you can reprocess the failed shopping cart after you implemented these two SAP notes.

06 750

In case of evaluated receipt settlement, pl ease enter tax code


Implement sap note 2046543 in SRM system and reprocess the failed shopping cart

BP 760

The assigned data for the posting is locked  by user AXXXXXXX


This could be a lock issue in the system with some Data and EBP administrator can reprocess this shopping cart after some time.

BS 013

Status systemu OTW jest aktywny (PSP K-AB/XX01/0315-002-001)


Please refer SAP Note 1090580 – E: BS 013 – System status & is active (&)

KI 249

Enter only one true account assignment


Please refer SAP Note 619203

M7 503

Brak danych składu dla AN100XXX w 2XXX 01XX


Request Master data team to Maintain the storage location for the material w.r.t Plant in MM01 or MMSC transaction in General Plant Data view ECC system. Once maintained the data, EBP administrator can reprocess the shopping cart.

ME 005

Centro 9XXX y almacén 2001 no están previst os (Por favor, comprobar entrada


Please change the correct storage location in the shopping cart and refer the valid storage location and resubmit the shopping cart.

ME 006

Użytkownik RFC_USER przetwarza już Kontrakt  5XXXXXXXXX


Refer SAP note 1595030 – ME006 when Cross System Lock (CSL) is active

ME 022

Vendor 1XXXXX blocked


Vendor is blocked in vendor master data (XK03) -extra-click Blocked data Purchasing Block in ECC system- SAP Note 1609717 – Vendors with blocked purch orgs are not replicated correctly. Please contact vendor master team to unlock the block and reprocess the shopping carts.

ME 038

Cuenta de mayor 1XXXXXXXXX no contabilizabl e directamente en sociedad 1XXX

Nie można bezpośrednio księgować na konto K G 2XXXXXXXXX w jedn. gosp. 2XXX

No direct postings can be made to G/L acct.  3XXXXXXXX in CoCode 3XXX




T code FS00 in ECC system and enter the General Ledger account Number and go to    control tab indicator ” post automatically only is FLAGGED, if yes then the error is due to that FLAG. Please inform the Finance team to unlock or change the other GL account in the shopping cart and reprocess the shopping cart.

ME 045

G/L account 8XXXXXXXX cannot be used (plea se correct)

Konto KG 8XXXXXXX nie może być użyte (pro szę poprawić)

No se puede utilizar la cuenta de mayor 8XXXXXXX (Por favor, corregir)




Log in to ECC system Transaction code FS00, and enter your GL account check for the Field status group. This field status group plays very important role.

It could be data issue and consult with Finance master data Team and correct it

ME 046

Material 1XXXXX not maintained by Purchasing


User has to contact Material Master Team to extend the purchasing view for this material or MM01 in ECC system . Now EBP administrator can reprocess this failed shopping cart and follow on document will be created.

ME 062

Dekretacja obowiązkowa dla mater. 187833 (p roszę podać typ dekretacji)


SAP Note 15712 – Order creation: ME062 Material is with account assignment

ME 078

  1. Deliv. date outside period covered by facto ry calendar XX


User might be entered wrong delivery date in the shopping cart and however check tcode SCAL in the ECC system and user can amend the correct delivery date and shopping cart can be reprocessed.

S& 150

Księgowanie nie mogło zostać pomyślnie prze prowadzone

No ha sido posible efectuar la actualizació n con éxito

Updating could not be completed




Administrator can reprocess this shopping cart and it could be due to some network issue. It is not reproducible this error.

06 042

Target value of contract 57000000XX exceede d by 3.500,00 EUR


The fund value needs to be increased in the contract and make ensure that funds are available in ECC contract and SRM contract and once funds increased by contract administrator, EBP administrator can reprocess the shopping cart.

M8 160

Account 7XXX000100 can only be posted to with tax code AX


Login to ECC system , transaction code FS00 and check what is the tax category for this GL account and connect with Finance team

SE 301

SE 301 entered service number 1XXXXXXX does not exist .

El número de servicio indicado N/A no exist e



Check service master data is available in transaction code COMMPR01 in SRM system

loaded items which do not have a Product ID, then DO NOT populate the field with N/A. Just leave it blank!- if it is catalog item

06 079

Jednostka miary SZT niezdefiniowana dla jęz yka


Please look what is the Vendor 1XXXXX communication Language maintained in vendor master data in ECC system via XK03 transaction code and connect with vendor master data team.

06 019

Dokument  nie istnieje


The SRM contracts did not reach ECC system after approval. For example

Service contracts are not reached ECC from SRM we need to implement this sap note 1894305 and reprocess the failed Service contracts .you may get this error if the contracts did not reach the ECC system from SRM and you need to make ensure that distributed contracts are available in the ECC system as a good practice.

ME 062

Account assignment mandatory for material 1XXXXXX (enter acc. ***. cat.),


SAP Note 15712 – Order creation: ME062 Material is with account assignment

ME 007

System error: block object Purch. Order, ke y 300XXXXXXX


Reprocess the shopping cart after some time and it will create necessary follow on documents

06 167

Por favor, utilice sólo centros con socieda d 33XX


Please only use plants  w.r.t  company code .Please check T001K what is valid company code /plant combinations
Enterprise Structure>Assignment>Materials Management>Assign purchasing organization to plant
Enterprise Structure>Assignment>Materials Management>Assign purchasing organization to company code

06 255

Proszę opracować wskaźniki okresu dla język a DA


Please maintain period indicators for language as per SAP Note 17037 since Table TPRG is not maintained in this language and reprocess the failed shopping cart

06 355

Purchasing organization 1XXX not allowed for plant 1XXX


In the ECC system Enterprise structure ->Definition->Material Management->assign purchase organization to plant

BBP_PU 231

Backend system BXXXXX100 is not available. Inform system admin.


SAP Note 1517301 – Prevent ‘commit work’ in BAPI_PO_CREATE etc

BP 604

Item 010 WBS element K-5X/1XXX/0015-005 bud get exceeded


Log in to ECC system and transaction  code S_ALR_87013558 execute this transaction code by referring this WBS. Check whether fund is available fund exists or not. If not , Inform the Business to increase the fund for this WBS . Once funds increased on this WBS, you can reprocess the shopping cart.

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      A very helpful document...Thank you

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      Shashank Naik

      Very helpful Table for frequently occuring errors in RZ20. Thank you Muthu