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Price change reasons with different account determination (MR21/MR22)

Business Scenario :

For some business purpose, we need to change the price for material master from MR21. Because of the changes of valuation (total value) of a material master, system will create an accounting entry. With the help of Reason for Price changes, we can set the reason for the changes of material price with different account determination. So that after a time, we can see the accurate amount for the price change with regards to the reason of the price changes.

Suppose, your organization needs to change the price for material master with more than one reason and then your organization also needs to see how much amount got debited or credited for a particular reason.


We can assign the different reasons to the t-code (MR21/MR22), then we need to assign an account modifier to the individual reason, then with the help of account modifier, we will destine the different different G/L account for account determination process. We will assign a particular G/L account for a particular reason, so that we can see the debit/credit amount for a particular reason with the help of the particular G/L account.

As per standard design, System will create below accounting entry for price change of material master from MR21 or debit/credit material from MR22 :

Stock Account Debit or Credit (As per transaction) – Transaction event key BSX

Revaluation Account Debit or Credit (As per transaction) – Transaction event key UMB.

We know BSX transaction event key is used for stock account and UMB transaction event key is used for revaluation account. We will use different account for the transaction event key UMB, so that we can track the amount for revaluation account.

To do so, we need to do some configurations, bellow configurations are needed to be placed to mapped that scenario.


>> Assign Reasons for Price Changes :

Go to IMG path SPRO-Materials Management-Valuation and Account Assignment-Reasons for Price Changes

In this step, we will define the price changes reason for the transaction code, so that when you will call the transaction code we can assign the reason for the particular transaction.

After execute the IMG activity, you will find an activity as “Assign Reasons for Price Changes”. Execute the activity.

Click on new entry and entire these information. Transaction Code, Reason, Short Text, Account modifier, Default tick option.

Enter a transaction code, which you want to assign the reason. Enter MR21 or MR22. Enter a reason (you can assign a number as 1,2,3,4) to choose this number at the time price change. Enter a Short text for the reason of the price change. Enter an account modifier which will be used for account determination. Choose the default tick option only for one entry, so that it will be appeared as default when we will run the associated transaction.


In the same way, enter some more reason along with appropriate information as per your business requirement and tick the default indicator which you need to set default as per the transaction. Also assign the reason for MR22 as well as per MR21.


Here, I have set the default indicator for reason 3 – For other reason. So it will be appeared as default for transaction MR21 and MR22.

(Note: If you want to track price change and debit/credit material differently, You can use different reason for different t-code, means different reason for MR21 along with different account modifier and different reason for MR22 along with different account modifier)

>> Assign G/L account for account determination

In this step, we will assign the G/L account for the transaction key UMB with regards to different General Modification (General Modification is known as same as account modifier). So that system will trigger the particular G/L account with regards to the Account modifier. Here, we need to use same account modifier which we have used in reason for price change configuration. Execute the transaction code OBYC and assign the G/L account along with General modification (same as account modifier) and valuation class (which is assigned to the material master) :


(Note: If you are not able to find the General modification, then click on the Rules and tick mark on the General modification. Be careful before save, take a list of the all existing assigned G/L account with valuation class (or even other), system will remove all entries after you press save after change of any Rules)

Save you entry.

You can check the above entry from the IMG path : SPRO-Materials Management-Valuation and Account Assignment-Reasons for Price Changes-Display Accounts For Account Key UMB. You will find the same entry as per you have entered in transaction code OBYC.


>> Result

Now in MR21, you will find the option as “Revaluation Reason” as below :


Here, you can see the default value appears as per our settings. You can change it by selecting other. As per your selection, system will post the amount on this G/L account with is assigned to the price change reason via account modifier.

Now carry on your transaction and change the price for material master as per your requirement. System will create an accounting entry for the price changes,

After post the price change, display the accounting document which has created earlier (you can find the accounting document from MR51). Here is my accounting entry for the revaluation reason 3 – For other reason :


You can see the system has determined the G/L account as 190022 which we have assigned with the account modifier ZZO and the account modifier ZZO is assigned with the revaluation reason 3 – For other reason.

Now we will post the price change for a different reason in MR21. I have selected the reason 1 – For Revaluation in MR21 as below :


Then I have posted the price changes and here is the accounting entry :


Here, you can see system has triggered the G/L account 190020 which is assigned with the account modifier ZZR and ZZR is assigned with the revaluation reason 1 – For Revaluation.

The same will be applicable for MR22 also. Go to MR22 and select the appropriate revaluation reason and post your debit/credit for material master record. System will trigger the G/L account as per your price reason configuration.


And here is the accounting entry as per the setting of price change reason :


Similar document : I have described the same purpose in my this document Different accounting for different purpose against movement type.

Here, you will find the different accounting entry for different reason with regards to movement type. But here, there are no uses of movement type, instead of movement type I have used the price change reason.

I am tagging FI forum also as because this document is related to FI module also : SAP ERP Financials

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