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Cloud Data Source: Overview and Guide to Integration Options

I am writing this blog to serve as a central index for information about all the integration options around Cloud Data Source (CDS).  The CDS feature was introduced back in 1402, and it works like a custom database table or datasource where you can upload analytical data from external sources  (whether new or update). When loaded, you can build your custom reporting around the CDS just like a normal SAP data source.   Bringing external data from other systems can be joined with standard C4C data sources to create enhanced value-added reports for your business users and decision makers.

As a simple start, you can get great information from the Help Center in Cloud for Customer.  See below:

1-8-2015 11-18-44 PM.png

In addition, some of our fellow SCN contributors and I have captured our experience and knowledge to share the ways you can upload data into a CDS.  There are about 4 ways to upload data into a CDS – manual, using web service, using PI and also HCI.

1.  At a basic level, you can load data manually directly from the CDS.

           Cloud Data Source: Creation and Manual Upload

2. The CDS provides a SOAP-based web service.  This blog shows the basics of using soapUI on how to call the web service.

          Cloud Data Source: Data Integration using SOAP web service – Part 1

          Cloud Data Source: Data Integration using SOAP web service – Part 2

3.  Leveraging from #2, you can use PI to provide automated and a bit more sophisticated way to call the webservice.  You can use PI for load balancing, load tracking, and periodic scheduling for the data load.  Risbabh Dubey provided this excellent info below.

          Cloud Data Source: Integration

Please do revisit this blog, as I will continue to update with new info and links around Cloud Data Source.

1-8-2015 11-18-44 PM.png
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