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Wearables in the Workplace: when style meets substance

     Fashion is fickle due to its penchant for perpetual change. Trends aren’t static by definition and as a result our perceptions of what is fashionable and stylish continuously change. The world of fashion itself faces the constant paradox between style and substance, form over functionality – what is stylish cannot have substance, and what is functional is not aesthetically pleasing.

     This is all about to change with the release of SAP’s Augmented Reality Solutions for wearable devices in the workplace. With these augmented reality solutions from SAP and the smart glasses and watches hardware, form and functionality converge into apparel that utilizes its distinct form to enable functionality that adds tremendous value for enterprise. With SAP AR Warehouse Picker and SAP AR Service Technician, style is substance. 

     This is most apparent in the hands-free functionality these solutions offer. This stylistic choice was developed through design-thinking co-innovation workshops to meet needs defined by real customers and their business stakeholders. The most significant of these was the need for greater efficiency and streamlined task completion. By freeing workers hands while still providing them full access to a wide breadth of critical information, workers are empowered to complete tasks quicker and with a lesser probability of error.

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SAP AR Warehouse Picker

     Enterprise is always looking for the latest style of devices which can speed up and streamline picking processes in the warehouse. Through integration with smart glasses, SAP AR Warehouse Picker leverages hands-free functionality to significantly reduce time spent on tasks and the frequency of errors. The inclusion of voice-recognition and visualization functionality also adjusts the style in which warehouse pickers complete their tasks. The SAP software and the smart glasses work together to provide visual and audio prompts for steps required in an outbound picking task, ensuring tasks are done in the correct order. Voice commands, for example, enable pickers to navigate through software options and enter data with voice commands. Finally, scanning functions through the smart glasses provide a constant display of information and inventory management capabilities to the worker through the glasses.

     With SAP AR Warehouse Picker being the latest style in the warehouse, enterprise can expect tasks to be completed quicker and with greater accuracy, leading to improvements in the bottom line.


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SAP AR Service Technician

     As with handheld scanners and devices for warehouse picking, laptops and tablets have become fashion passé for field service technicians and maintenance workers. Technicians are continuously performing precise and skilled tasks by hand, and handheld devices unnecessarily slow down and overcomplicate the process. What field workers stylistically need is a device which is user-friendly, provides access to a wide range of information, and keeps their hands free. SAP’s augmented reality solution for field work, SAP AR Service Technician, fills these needs exceptionally by creating efficiency and productivity improvements for enterprise. SAP AR Service Technician brings improved functionality to field work through the newest fashions available with augmented reality – 3D visualization, voice activation, and real-time access to expert assistance. All of these tools empower field workers by providing them with complete and detailed information in ways that have never before been seen by enterprise to execute jobs faster and with better quality.

     Remote expert assistance is crucial for field workers in circumstances when they are faced with a unique technical problem. With SAP AR Service Technician, users are now able to connect with experts virtually, offering them a view of the situation through the camera in the smart glasses. Field workers are empowered through real-time assistance, while still having their hands free to complete the task as an expert watches to ensure the task is optimally done.

     SAP AR Service Technician is the latest style for remote field work and maintenance, creating gains in efficiency and productivity never before seen for asset-intensive industry.


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     Move aside handheld devices, wearable’s and augmented reality are the latest trend in enterprise mobility. Whereas in the past handheld scanners and devices were the most popular trends in the warehouse, they have become outdated due to the immense amount of time workers must spend interacting with these devices rather than performing the task at hand.

     Style in the warehouse and field is changing thanks to SAP’s augmented reality solutions. Today and in the near future, wearable’s will be the new form and augmented reality the underlying functionality, perfectly converging style and substance by bringing tools such as 3D visualization, remote assistance, and voice commands to enterprise in a hands-free solution.

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