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How to autosave a Document over itself each n seconds

Hi ,

In WEBI 4.x there is a functionality that autosaves the document that you working on in the ~WebIntelligence folder under My Favorites.

But what if you need to save it overitself, just like you´rte pressing the save button.

Steps :

– Drop a blank cell onto the report;

– Set it´s value to :


        setInterval(function () {;} , n*1000);


where n is the number of seconds to the autosave

– Set the cell´s property “Read As” to HTML.



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  • Thanks for posting this Rogerio, I’ve been messing about with it and it does usually work but had a couple of questions, wondered if you could help me with them?

    First, this doesn’t work if the Outline view is turned on, Firebug returns the error ‘typeerror: is not a function’, interestingly using ‘alert(;’ returns ‘Report’ when Outline view is turned off and ‘Reportbloc’ [sic] when Outline view is turned on.  Do you know if there is a more explicit way to reference the report?

    Secondly, I’ve found it can cause problems if fires while refreshing the query/queries, do you know if there is a way to test if the document is being refreshed and only fire the save when it isn’t?  I’ve had a look but I can’t see anything.



    • I managed to put together a script which both works with or without Outline view turned on and doesn’t save the document when a dialog box is open (as I found it wasn’t just the refresh dialog which caused problems).  So far it’s working pretty well but I think there’s still plenty of scope for improvement.


        setInterval(function() {

          switch( {

            case “Report”:

              if(self.parent.DialogBoxWidget_currentCount==0) {




            case “Reportbloc”:

              if(self.parent.parent.DialogBoxWidget_currentCount==0) {





        }, 10*60*1000);