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How to autosave a Document over itself each n seconds

Hi ,

In WEBI 4.x there is a functionality that autosaves the document that you working on in the ~WebIntelligence folder under My Favorites.

But what if you need to save it overitself, just like you´rte pressing the save button.

Steps :

– Drop a blank cell onto the report;

– Set it´s value to :


        setInterval(function () {;} , n*1000);


where n is the number of seconds to the autosave

– Set the cell´s property “Read As” to HTML.



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  • Thanks for posting this Rogerio, I've been messing about with it and it does usually work but had a couple of questions, wondered if you could help me with them?

    First, this doesn't work if the Outline view is turned on, Firebug returns the error 'typeerror: is not a function', interestingly using 'alert(;' returns 'Report' when Outline view is turned off and 'Reportbloc' [sic] when Outline view is turned on.  Do you know if there is a more explicit way to reference the report?

    Secondly, I've found it can cause problems if fires while refreshing the query/queries, do you know if there is a way to test if the document is being refreshed and only fire the save when it isn't?  I've had a look but I can't see anything.



    • I managed to put together a script which both works with or without Outline view turned on and doesn't save the document when a dialog box is open (as I found it wasn't just the refresh dialog which caused problems).  So far it's working pretty well but I think there's still plenty of scope for improvement.


        setInterval(function() {

          switch( {

            case "Report":

              if(self.parent.DialogBoxWidget_currentCount==0) {




            case "Reportbloc":

              if(self.parent.parent.DialogBoxWidget_currentCount==0) {





        }, 10*60*1000);



  • Hi Rogerio.

    This script in my case does not work, the script to auto-refresh works perfectly and in fact I use it, however this simply does not do anything.
    What could be the problema?
    Ops! I've already seen that the autosave does it without indicating anything, let's face it, it works.

    Could you join the auto-refresh script and the auto-save script? And if it were possible, could I do the auto-save in Excel format?