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Creating Tableau Report on BW Info Cube a Two Step process.

Problem / Opportunity Statement:

My client is a Telecommunication Giant with a position in fortune 100 list. Currently having 500+ reports in the tools like BEX, BO Web-I, Dashboard, BPC. To enable easy & quick data understanding to a user group (Few) i.e. Business Reports. I have decided to design few reports (50 No’s) in Tableau 8.3. So I have starting looking in adoptability to Tableau tools to BW.

Solution: A simple 2 step process to create Tableau Report on BW Info Cube. BW meta data and cube data access is very good and easy to configure


  1. Open the Tableau and create new report.
  2. Click Connect to Data (Ctrl+D)




  1. Select “SAP NW Data Warehouse”
  2. Add new connection
  3. Establish the connection
    by pressing the “Connect ” button
  4. Browse the Info Cube objects, Select the Info Cube
  5. Select the Queries available over the same Info







I was able to design a good and medium complex Tableau report On BW within 2
Hrs. Likewise I could deliver 10 Medium and 5 High Complex reports in 40 Hrs.

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  1. Nanda Anantha

    Hi Ashok,

    Nice document.

    I have one question after creating report how users accessing Tableau report , I mean, generally BEx report can access at analyzer how about Tableau report where can log in access Tableau reports.



  2. Former Member

    I have been working with Tableau connecting to BW 7.3 for about a year now. We started out with Tableau’s built-in BW connector, it was fine for simple queries with small data sets but it was too slow for anything more complex.

    We ended up using Theobald Software’s Xtract Universal toolset instead, it can handle much larger data sets and utilization on the BW system when creating TDEs is lower. It doesn’t have built-in functionality for publishing TDEs to Tableau Server but you can schedule tabcmd jobs to do that.

  3. Former Member

    Hello Ashok,

    Thanks for your post .

    Please suggest its performance when we are dealing with large amount of data .
    Is it working fine ?
    And Secondly can we create variables and do a hierarchical reporting as we are doing in Bex.


    1. Ashok Babu Kumili Post author

      Hi Sarthak,

      The performance is good as I have tested for a 2 Million+ records. It is very decent performance.

      Creating the variable is easy and doing hierarchical reporting is possible.

      Best wishes.

  4. Former Member

    Hi Ashok,

    We used to have Tableau server 8.0. And also we used connect to SAP BW using tableau.

    But after upgrading to 9.2 64 bit, SAP BW workbook is throwing an error saying “class not registered”.

    We have SAP GUI installed on our desktop. Anything else is required to install?

    Or is there any dependency on tableau server version on SAP BW driver?

    Is there any tableau 9.2 specific SAP BW driver?.

    Can you help me out of this? 😕




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